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    The ‘Yes’ camp has its work cut out if it’s going to persuade Labour affiliates to vote for Scottish independence

The ‘Yes’ camp has its work cut out if it’s going to persuade Labour affiliates to vote for Scottish independence

As the vote on Scottish independence gets closer, the polls are steadily narrowing. The Yes camp believes that to win the referendum they need to persuade enough Labour affiliates to back an independent Scotland. Craig McAngus examines data on Labour affiliates’ attitudes with regards devolution of more powers and constitutional change in Scotland more widely. 

With less than 6 months to […]

Whether the Scottish independence debate becomes more ‘women friendly’ is a crucial question

In the third of our series of posts looking ahead to the Scottish independence referendum, Craig McAngus looks at the attitudes of women and highlights that far from being impressed by the aggressive politics of the debate thus far, many women (and indeed men) are seeking a more mature discussion about the pros and cons of both potential outcomes. Although certainly not […]

National identity and party affiliation are set to play a key role in the Scottish referendum, whose result is more uncertain than opinion polls suggest

‘DevoMax’ will not be an option on the ballot paper in the Scottish Independence Referendum next year even though it is more popular among the electorate than independence. Arno van der Zwet and Craig McAngus explore how Scottish attitudes to the two options vary according to national and party identity. They find that perceptions of national identity polarises assessments of […]

What the Scottish government’s childcare proposals mean for gender equality in an independent Scotland

The white paper on Scottish Independence published last month contained proposals to extend the current provisions for childcare. Craig McAngus explores what the proposals mean for gender equality in an independent Scotland. He finds they will not go far enough for those who wish to see Scotland achieve the levels of gender equality of the Nordic countries, but they are a first step […]

The challenge for Plaid Cymru’s leadership will be to harness the energy of their membership

After disappointing results in the 2011 Welsh Election, Plaid Cymru launched an internal review to reflect on their current situation and shape future strategy. Craig McAngus offers an analysis of the resulting report, Moving Forward, as well as its implications for the internal politics of the party and the Welsh political scene more broadly.  Plaid Cymru entered government for the first time in 2007, forming […]

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