White Flight in England? White attraction rather than repulsion seems to be the story

With concerns about immigration and integration a hot political topic, many point to the data showing that places with large increases of ethnic minority populations witnessed the greatest loss in white British population as a sign of distaste for diversity. However, research by Eric Kaufmann and colleagues into the spatial dispersion of white British and ethnic minority populations casts doubt on the […]

December 17th, 2013|Eric Kaufmann|7 Comments|

To understand the present troubles in Belfast, we need to go back to the dying days of the old ‘Orange State’

The disturbances prompted by Belfast City Council’s decision to restrict their flying of the Union flag can seem bewildering to outsiders. However Eric Kaufmann argues that they make sense within the broader historical context, as the dismantling of a centuries old tradition has come to symbolise Protestant fears of a loss of power in what is rapidly becoming a Catholic majority country.  Belfast City Council’s decision […]

Are We Seeing ‘White Flight’ from London?

One of the most surprising findings of the 2011 census was the extent to which white British people have opted to leave London. Eric Kaufmann explores the possibility that we are seeing ‘white flight’ from London, though he cautions against jumping to conclusions in the absence of sufficient empirical evidence.  Of all the changes announced by the 2011 census, one of the […]

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