Political Blog round for 30 April

Chris Gilson takes a look at the week in political blogging.


David Herdson at polticalbetting.com asked; “where have all the billboard posters gone?”, while Jonathan Isaby at ConservativeHome scotched any idea of the Tories working towards a Lib-Con coalition (but Coffee House says the Tories are planting coalition ‘seeds’ and Guido reckons it’s a good possibility), and Dizzy […]

State of the Race for 30 April

Posted by Chris Gilson.

There are few new polls to add to our State of the Race measure today, which shows little change. Labour drops one percentage point by our measure, which has been picked up by the ‘Other’ parties to take them to 11 per cent. In Sky’s measure, the Liberal Democrats have also lost a point to take […]

LSE Centre for Economic Performance – Climate Change: Consensus on the Long Run targets, but will we get policies that deliver?

A new series of Election Analyses is now available from the LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance (CEP). The series will discuss the research evidence on […]

Third Debate – Economic Affairs: What our Experts said

We asked our Election Experts to comment on last night’s Leader’s debate on economic affairs. This is what they said:
Tim Leunig – LSE Economic History

In the last few days and weeks, it has seemed as if the only economic issue in the campaign was the deficit. In reality decisions that have influence over the […]

State of the Race for 29 April

Posted by Chris Gilson and Patrick Dunleavy.

With the general election now no more than a week away, Gordon Brown’s ‘bigot-gate’ mistake could not have come at a worse time for the Labour party. Yet the impacts of this controversy and of tonight’s debate do not feature in the polls covered here. There is a small Tory increase to 34 […]

Brown and the ‘bigoted woman’: the control freak caught out

This post was originally posted on Charlie Beckett’s blog on April 28th.

Charlie Beckett is the Director of POLIS.

It’s bad enough to call a life-time Labour supporter a ‘bigoted woman’ but what this gaffe really reveals is Gordon Brown’s ‘clunking fist’ control freak approach to political communications.

It’s not crime of the century. It’s not more important than […]

LSE Centre for Economic Performance – Inequality: still high, but Labour’s policies kept it down

A new series of Election Analyses is now available from the LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance (CEP). The series will discuss the research evidence on some of […]

A note on electoral constituency boundaries

Simon Bastow examines some of the background and issues relating to ‘notional’ seat allocations as a result of 2007 constituency boundary changes in England and Wales.

As the election campaign moves towards its crucial last seven days, quite probably the last thing on the vast majority of minds is the issue of electoral constituency boundary change. So much so […]

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