The Eastleigh by-election might give us some early answers to important questions about the next election

Today’s Eastleigh by-election is widely expected to shed light on some of the most important issues which will shape the next general election. In this post Chris Prosser offers a set of predictions as to the likely outcome, made on the basis of a model he developed and applied to a dataset of previous English by-elections and changes in public opinion. The voters of Eastleigh go […]

The final verdict on George Osborne as Chancellor – the economic damage is done, permanently

After last week’s downgrading of the UK’s AAA credit rating by Moody’s, Simon Wren-Lewis suggests that the Chancellor’s political fortunes may now be at their lowest. He argues that there is nothing on the horizon macroeconomically which could repair the damage that has been done in the last two and a half years.  This may well turn out to be the […]

The two Coalition parties are sorely at odds over human rights

The Commission on a Bill of Rights came out with its report 21 months into the making, but the government is expected to issue no response to it. Amy Williams welcomes this result but felt the commissioners in the majority could have done better by highlighting their disagreements, in particular over the UK’s European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) membership and the […]

Research into the ageing experiences of different migrant groups shows a need for more culturally appropriate delivery of public services

The recognition of an increasingly multicultural and ageing population has led to a growing policy interest in how different migrant groups experience the ageing process within European cities. Shereen Hussein reports on research into the perceptions and needs associated with old age among Turkish communities in London. The latest UK census shows that more than half of London’s population identified their […]

Beveridge didn’t create the Welfare State from nowhere – he created it by articulating the dangers of a life without it

December 2012 marked the 70th anniversary of the Beveridge Report, significant not only for its content but also for its context. In the midst of World War II, with a budget deficit and national debt that make today’s look negligible, the Report laid the basis for the radical reforms introduced by the Labour Government in 1945. The Centre for Labour and Social […]

What does the licensing of lap dancing clubs suggest about our changing attitudes towards the sex industries?

Since the Policing and Crime Act 2009 provided local authorities with more control over the location of lap dancing clubs, there has been much debate about whether there is a place for sexual entertainment in Britain. Here, Phil Hubbard considers the arguments against lap dancing, suggesting that frequent allusions to the negative impacts of lap dancing clubs on young people are […]

Moody Blues for the Chancellor

John Van Reenen examines the economic and political implications of Moody’s stripping the UK of its AAA credit rating last Friday. While the move may have little direct economic significance, it is nonetheless totemic, reflecting deeper structural problems in the UK economy. It is also politically damaging for a Chancellor who staked his reputation on preserving the AAA rating. Much now […]

The rise of a robot state? New frontiers for growing the productivity of government services

Conventional wisdom and most national statistics have long treated the productivity of the government services sector as entirely flat. Only a tiny literature considers what actually happened to productivity at the organizational level. Drawing on their pioneering book, Patrick Dunleavy and Leandro Carrera argue that we need to radically rethink our attitudes. We should begin adjusting to a public sector […]

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