Book Review: Taking Our Country Back: The Crafting of Networked Politics from Howard Dean to Barack Obama

Through a detailed history of new media and political campaigning, Taking Our Country Back contributes to an interdisciplinary body of scholarship from communication, sociology, and political science. The book theorizes processes of innovation in online electoral politics and aims to give readers a new understanding of how the internet and its use by the Howard Dean campaign have fundamentally changed the field […]

Why Mitt Romney lost – as seen by US conservatives

Much of the UK press and media has run brief pieces by British reporters on what Obama’s re-election means for the Republic party. In America, however, there is a far richer seam of analysis. Here Christopher Ruddy, editor of the leading US conservative website Newsmax, and a long-time Romney sceptic, gives an authentic conservative appraisal of what went wrong. It […]

Inequality: The elephant in the room in US policy debates

Americans go to the polls today to decide who will be their next President. John Van Reenen analyses the causes of what should be a central topic in the debate; growing inequality. Rather than talking about the underlying causes of increased inequality, and debating how to tackle it, the presidential candidates have focused on dealing with its consequences, particularly over taxes […]

Book Review: Reading Obama: Dreams, Hopes and the American Political Tradition.

As the initial flurry of hope surrounding Barack Obama’s campaign met the realities of an economic recession and political stalemate, criticism of Obama’s performance came not just from the right but from people within his own party whom were frustrated and confused over his overly moderate position. Reading Obama unearths the US President’s intellectual influences, with Alan Dobson intrigued by its exploration of the […]

Book Review: The Personalisation of Politics in the UK: Mediated Leadership from Attlee to Cameron

What does it mean to say that modern politics is personalised? To what extent is it more personalised than in the past, what is distinctive about contemporary forms of personalisation and are these changes enduring? Nick Anstead is impressed by Ana Inés Langer’s book, which allows us to understand the role of political leaders as both cause and consequence for important events, relationships and […]

Book Review: Blair’s Just War: Iraq and the Illusion of Morality, by Peter Lee

When is it right to go to war? Peter Lee argues that Tony Blair’s “illusion of morality” evaporated after the 2003 Iraq invasion because the ideas he relied upon were taken out of their historical context. Dr Matthew Partridge is not convinced by the author’s arguments, and finds that exaggerations make the book into a polemic, rather than a serious academic study.  Blair’s […]

David Cameron, Barack Obama and The US-UK ‘Special Relationship’

With David Cameron currently in Washington, John Dumbrell reviews the recent history of US-UK relations. The special relationship has clearly not been so stellar in recent times. With American foreign policy pivoting towards the Asia-Pacific region and US irritation with European contributions to NATO, Cameron will need to be very persuasive to resurrect the possibility of London acting as an ‘Atlantic […]

Book Review: Making Sense of Media and Politics: Five Principles in Political Communication

After an explosive year for politics and the media, Gadi Wolfsfeld’s Making Sense of Media and Politics will appeal to those interested in gaining a thorough understanding of the powerful role that media has in shaping political outcomes, finds Andreea Moise.   Making Sense of Media and Politics: Five Principles in Political Communication. Gadi Wolfsfeld. Routledge. March 2011. 2011 has certainly been a […]

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