A European-level review process is needed for all non-EU defence foreign investment

Recent military actions in North Africa and the Middle-East suggest that Europe is heading towards a more active role in defence policy. However the EU’s member states, facing rising costs and reduced spending on defence due to the eurocrisis, are increasingly turning to foreign defence investment to take pressure off national budgets. Daniel Fiott warns that unchecked foreign investment in Europe’s defence […]

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The ‘jobs for generals’ scandal highlighted important issues about UK defence procurement

The ‘jobs for generals’ scandal which erupted last October brought public attention to the so-called ‘revolving door’ between the defence sector and the Ministry of Defence in the UK. In this audio extra, BPP Managing Editor Mark Carrigan talks to author and campaigner Andrew Feinstein about the scandal and the broader issues surrounding defence procurement which it highlighted. 

Note: This […]

Austerity, Microclasses and Self-Employment: Top 5 blogs you might have missed this week

Jonathan Portes argues that the poor performance of the UK economy at present is something which critics of austerity predicted some time ago.

Ben Baumberg introduces ‘microclasses’ and explains how they are a powerful analytical tool for studying social inequality.

The Coalition government were highly critical of Labour’s ‘target culture’ yet, as Colin Talbot points out, they continue to utilise targets in […]

The political cost to any British government of giving way on the Falklands would be prohibitively high and there is no strong need to pay it

George Philip argues that the war between the UK and Argentina changed the politics surrounding the Falkland Islands. Prior to 1982, the government was looking for a way to transfer authority. Now, since the memory of the war is still very much in the public mind, the British position is verging on intransigence. A well-attended meeting at LSE in May to discuss ways […]

Book Review: The Labour Party and the World: Labour’s Foreign Policy Since 1951

Rhiannon Vickers should be congratulated for delivering a concise, balanced, and accessible account of how left of centre thinking on foreign policy has evolved over the last sixty years, writes Matthew Partridge.   The Labour Party and the World: Volume 2: Labour’s Foreign Policy Since 1951. Rhiannon Vickers. Manchester University Press. September 2011. Find this book:    Writing a book about the Labour Party’s approach […]

A weak economy in 2012 threatens Britain’s ability to respond to the ‘knowns’ and ‘unknowns’ of foreign policy and defence

At the close of 2011, British Politics and Policy at LSE asked our contributors for their thoughts and predictions for 2012. As part of this continuing series, Chris Brown looks at what 2012 may bring for the UK’s foreign policy – so called ‘known knowns’ such as our continuing involvement in Afghanistan, and the effects of our flat economy on […]

The Government must be held to its promise to “enshrine in law for the future the necessity of consulting Parliament on military action”

We need to be clear about Parliament’s role in decisions to take us to war – and we aren’t there yet, says Graham Allen MP, Chair of the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee in the House of Commons. Prerogative powers are the ancient powers of the monarch, which have no basis in statute law, and which have been exercised by […]

In its delivery of new aircraft carriers, the MoD has sacrificed short term affordability for long term value for money, a decision that may also leave the UK with a reduced defence capability.

Like most other government departments, the Ministry of Defence has not been spared George Osborne’s axe, and plans to procure two new large aircraft carriers have been significantly affected. In light of a new government report on their construction, Chris Brown finds that we may be about to build carriers only to put them straight into mothballs, and that we […]

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