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    The link between unemployment and domestic violence is not what you might expect

The link between unemployment and domestic violence is not what you might expect

Contrary to popular belief, the incidence of domestic violence in Britain does not seem to have risen during the recession. But according to research by Jonathan Wadsworth and colleagues, men and women have experienced different risks of unemployment – and these have had contrasting effects on the level of physical abuse. Domestic violence hurts. Aside from the obvious physical and psychological harm to the victims, it also damages the economy. […]

The very fact that Thatcher can be lauded as the woman who broke the mould is indicative of the challenges which women still face in contemporary politics

Anne Phillips reflects on the legacy which Margaret Thatcher, the UK’s first female Prime Minister, left for women. This debate has tended to be a polarised one, with sweeping claims made on the basis of what is, in essence, a single case. Furthermore such claims have tended to distract from a broader assessment of Thatcher’s social and political legacy.  For years, […]

Book Review: Women and Wars

In traditional historical and scholarly accounts of the making and fighting of wars, women are often nowhere to be seen. With few exceptions, war stories are told as if men were the only ones who plan, fight, are injured by, and negotiate ends to wars. As the pages of this book aim to tell, though, those accounts are far from […]

Book Review: The Impact of Gender Quotas

With the increasing prominence which debates about gender quotas enjoy within public life, it is imperative that we understand how, if at all, they achieve the ends to which they are directed. It is in this context that the Impact of Gender Quotas stands as an important contribution to a pressing political debate. Linnea Sandström Lange finds the book to be full […]

Book Review: The Gendered Effects of Electoral Institutions: Political Engagement and Participation

An increasing awareness of the under-representation of women in parliaments and business has gone hand in hand with increasing debate about gender quotas as a means of rectifying this situation. However, questions persist about their efficacy. The Gendered Effects of Electoral Institutions offers a detailed empirical contribution to this debate. Linnea Sandström Lange finds value in the book, though cautions that it should be […]

Book Review: Gender, Agency and Political Violence: Rethinking Political Violence

Considering the conditions, maintenance, and interpretation of political violence, the authors contributing to Gender, Agency and Political Violence analyse the multiple ways in which acts of violence, strategies of resistance, and efforts at conflict resolution are gendered. Featuring chapters on emotion and masculinity alongside The Troubles, and the political rationality of female suicide bombers, Megan O’Branski finds an intriguing and thoughtful contribution to critical theory […]

Book Review: Gender and Cosmopolitanism in Europe: A Feminist Perspective

This book combines a feminist critique of contemporary and prominent approaches to cosmopolitanism with an analysis of historical cosmopolitanism and the manner in which gendered symbolic boundaries of national political communities in Britain and Germany are drawn. Exploring the work of prominent scholars including Held, Habermas, Beck, and Bhabha, it attempts to deliver a timely intervention into current debates on […]

Women should not have to justify their political presence on any other basis than justice

While there a wide range of motivations underlying opposition to increases in women’s political representation, Joni Lovenduski argues that they all contribute towards a much wider misunderstanding about what the data tells us about women in politics. The pervasiveness of such a state of affairs across the commentariat leads to a profoundly unhelpful framing of the wider issues.  Who opposes increases in women’s […]

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