Universities are crucial spaces to foster capabilities for the formation of social citizens in times of growing inequality

The value of the university cannot be reduced to a monetised figure. By drawing from human development discourse and the capabilities approach, Melanie Walker argues the university can be re-imagined in terms of its commitment to individual freedoms, social citizenship formation and social change. The university should have an active role, engaged in local and global spaces, to foster and support a just […]

By opening up a distinctive space between academic research and journalism, a thriving academic blogosphere mediates between them

Mark Carrigan finds that academic blogging holds out the possibility of extending the role of the academic, rather than threatening its diminution. It allows for discoverability, less specialised communication, and a degree of space and freedom to extend beyond the realms of research. This was originally posted on the LSE Impact Blog. How do you feel about academic blogging? If you are […]

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Dr Jekyll writes – binge writing as a pathological academic condition

The practice of academic writing has a tendency to be viewed as a pathological condition – with certain behaviour, like writing for extended periods of time, listed as particularly harmful. But Pat Thomson doesn’t think this prescriptive approach gives enough credit to academic writers who are more competent at finding a writing framework that suits them than this limiting diagnostic approach implies. […]

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Research uptake and impact: are we in danger of overstating ourselves?

Wary of the pressure that researchers are under to demonstrate impact, Louise Shaxson injects a dose of realism into the debate around what that impact ought to look like. Researchers must provide clear policy messages, carefully define the relevance of their research, be realistic about what can be achieved, and be clear about whether they’re practising research communication or advocacy. This was originally […]

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Can journalism count as an academic research output?

Charlie Beckett argues that if we are to understand the potential value of any piece of research we should not circumscribe its audience by academic gate keeping. Ideally the academic will be the journalist, though it might be that there is a ‘translator’ or a special structure – such as a think-tank – that can act as the journalist for the research. Journalism […]

January 12th, 2013|Charlie Beckett|0 Comments|

Five minutes with Andrew Herbert: “The social scientists we could do business with were those who grounded their ideas through field studies, cultural probes and social data”.

Part of PPG’s Impact of Social Sciences project focuses on how academic research in the social sciences influences decision-makers in business, government and civil society. Rebecca Mann talked to Andrew Herbert OBE, former Chairman of Microsoft Research. He explains the value that social scientists can bring to industrial research organisations. This article first appeared on the LSE’s Impact of Social Sciences blog You were responsible for bringing social […]

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