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    Nick Clegg and British liberalism: revival, betrayal, or repositioning?

Nick Clegg and British liberalism: revival, betrayal, or repositioning?

The Liberal Democrats’ rightward shift in the decade since The Orange Book has helped make the Cameron-Clegg coalition possible. Peter Sloman asks whether we should see it as a revival of classical liberalism, a reflection of neoliberal influences, or simply a recalibration of the party’s existing thought.

One of the most fruitful debates in British political studies over the past […]

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    The economics of redistribution, Clegg v Farage and education reforms: Top 5 blogs you might have missed this week

The economics of redistribution, Clegg v Farage and education reforms: Top 5 blogs you might have missed this week

On Politics @ Surrey, Simon Usherwood looks forward to the Clegg versus Farage debate on Europe, outlining what this might do for the respective parties as they gear up for the European Parliament elections.

On VoxEU, the authors of a recent IMF research paper into the effects of redistribution on economic growth present their findings. “To put it simply, we […]

The road not taken and the ‘bad faith’ thesis: Why a Liberal Democrat-Labour coalition never happened in May 2010

Many have suggested it was the LibDem lack of good faith which scuppered a deal between the party and Labour in 2010 and not the political facts of the day. Bill Jones explores those awkward five days in May and argues that there were more compelling reasons for the LibDems to take the road they took.  The publication last year of Andrew Adonis’s […]

2014 will be the year of living nervously for all of Britain’s main political parties

Looking ahead to what 2014 holds in store for Britain’s main political parties, Eunice Goes writes that this year will test David Cameron’s leadership skills to the limit with the European parliament elections, the Scottish referendum, and potential interest rate hikes by the Bank of England looming. On the other hand, she predicts life will not be much easier for the leader […]

The LibDem conference showed the party’s settled view on leadership and strategy

The debate at the LibDem conference centred around how to get the most out of coalition and what to do in future Parliaments. Mark Pack writes that this is because very few in the Liberal Democrats see there as being any real choice of whether or not to stay in coalition and see very little in the way of realistic alternatives to Nick […]

The absence of an appropriate degree of regulation and accountability may compromise the appointment of advisers to ministers

James Caan, the social mobility policy tsar noted for urging parents to let their children stand on their own two feet, caused embarrassment for Nick Clegg when it emerged he employs his own daughters. This raised a wider concern about the appointment of business people and other ‘experts’ to advise ministers. Ruth Levitt and William Solesbury argue that the problem stems from the […]

How will the coalition end? Cameron and Clegg may look to the precedent set by the 1945 caretaker government

Alun Wyburn-Powell provides a historical account of the 1945 caretaker government and argues that it provides a useful model for thinking about when the current coalition might end. Whilst obviously very different situations, there is good logic in parting some months prior to the start of the 2015 campaign for both the LibDems and Tories. It would allow a bit more freedom […]

The debate about media regulation has more to do with party politics than ‘free speech’

After last night’s late deal on press regulation Paul Bernal explains how he finds himself unconvinced by either side of an increasingly polarised debate. In fact the arguments from both sides are obscuring the real issues at stake here, with the implications of Leveson being more relevant to party politics than ‘free speech’.  In the run up to what would have […]

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