The challenge for Plaid Cymru’s leadership will be to harness the energy of their membership

After disappointing results in the 2011 Welsh Election, Plaid Cymru launched an internal review to reflect on their current situation and shape future strategy. Craig McAngus offers an analysis of the resulting report, Moving Forward, as well as its implications for the internal politics of the party and the Welsh political scene more broadly.  Plaid Cymru entered government for the first time in 2007, forming […]

First Debate: What our Experts said

We asked our Election Experts to comment on last Thursday night’s Leader’s debate on domestic affairs. This is what they said:
Rodney Barker – LSE Government

The Americanisation of British Politics?

Well not quite and, as Plaid and the SNP were quick to point, the television clash of the titans was an English affair, not a British one. The English might reply […]

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