Book Review: The Liberty of Servants: Berlusconi’s Italy by Maurizio Viroli.

Silvio Berlusconi turned Italy’s government into a medieval court and its people into servants, argues Maurizio Viroli. His latest book details the anti-democratic effects of the now ex-Prime Minister’s regime, and makes a passionate call for a civic rebirth in his homeland. Kate Saffin feels that Viroli’s ideas about what went so wrong in Italy need to be heeded if the […]

An extension of democratic principles to our economic and social institutions would go a long way to reducing inequality

Inequality has grown substantially in Britain over the last few decades and Mike O’Donnell argues that there needs to be radical institutional reform if the underlying issues are to be adequately addressed.  A substantial redistribution of income and wealth in Britain is highly unlikely to occur without a redistribution of power. Turkeys do not vote for Christmas and it would be […]

The coalition is at least as likely to end up shipwrecked as it is to sail through, or at least stay afloat, until 2015

Liberal Democrat MPs may soon find themselves watching a slow motion car crash while their Conservative counterparts might feel that their ‘business arrangement’ has served its purpose. Either way, a parliamentary full-term, while not impossible, remains less likely than an early and potentially messy, dénouement, writes Tim Bale. Both Patrick Dunleavy and Chris Hanretty have recently had a stab at […]

The Coalition Government has only a 1 in 3 chance of lasting its term. Statistical modelling predicts its fall in October 2014

There has been much recent talk about the possibility of the Coalition government falling before the parliamentary term is up. Chris Hanretty uses a quantitative statistical model to suggest that this is indeed probable, and that the best prediction indicates the government will fall in October 2014.  If I were David Cameron or Nick Clegg, I’d be fairly worried on or around the […]

Fixed term Parliaments are a mirage – it’s all downhill from now to a June 2014 general election

All coalitions unzip from the end, unless the date of their termination remains uncertain. But with last year’s Fixed Term Parliaments Act the Liberal Democrats cling to the illusion that they have statutory protection against any Conservative decision to ‘cut and run’ for an early general election, before the spring of 2015. Not so, argues Patrick Dunleavy. Britain’s next general […]

We are not ‘all in this together’: British democracy is suffering from the disconnect between politicians and the wider public

Recent failures of British democracy lead voters to feel that being ignored by Government is the most likely consequence of casting a vote and participating in democracy, writes Mary Evans. Many voters are perhaps wondering if they have developed acute memory loss: did we really vote for the potentially damaging re-organisation of the NHS or government spending cuts that so […]

New proposals for local TV may mean that new stations will be ill-equipped to protect their own independence, and to play a positive democratic role.

Sally Broughton Micova looks at the most recent proposals aimed at establishing local TV broadcasters, and finds that the revised plans may lead to local stations that struggle to maintain their own independence. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has released its response to the consultation on local TV that ended in September, including the announcement of the first locations to be […]

Divisions over Europe, credit crunch take II and a pummelling at PMQs: round up of political blogs for 10 – 16 December

Chris Gilson, Paul Rainford and Danielle Moran take a look at the week in political blogging. Europe  David Herdson at wonders if the transfer of financial power to the centre of the EU will be effective in saving the Euro, while Benjamin Fox at The Staggers calls it ‘the summit where everyone lost’. Richard Murphy says that Cameron has […]

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