EasyCouncils, Green Shoots and Radical Budgets: Top 5 blogs you might have missed this week

Warren Morgan is concerned about Barnet’s ‘EasyCouncil’ model and recent claims that it should be emulated elsewhere.

Alex Massie suggests that economic circumstances in the UK are healthier than is generally claimed.

Rushanara Ali argues that the UK needs a method of tackling tax avoidance that does not rely on corporate goodwill.

Tim Montgomerie observes that George Osborne is under intense pressure to […]

London has certainly seen a big increase in private renters but it’s not the city with the biggest proportion of private renters in England

The recent census shows that renting is becoming the norm in urban areas across England. Pete Jefferys explores the implications of this trend, suggesting that it looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. This will have important consequences for voting, community and consumption. What’s the image that comes to your mind when you think of a private renter? For many people, I suspect they […]

Contrary to popular opinion, home ownership may actually make workers less economically mobile

Ahead of the launch of the TUC’s new report , ‘Can Housing Work For Workers?’, James Gregory of the Fabian Society finds that home ownership and economic ‘independence’ do not necessarily go hand in hand. In many cases, economic immobility is a problem shared by working home owners and those in the socially rented sector.

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