Book Review: Trading Secrets: Spies and Intelligence in an Age of Terror

In Trading Secrets, former Financial Times security correspondent Mark Huband aims to provide a unique and controversial assessment of the ability of the major intelligence agencies to combat the threat of twenty-first century terrorism. With access to intelligence officers from Rome to Kabul and from Khartoum to Guantanamo Bay, Huband covers how spies created secret channels to the IRA, deceived Iran’s terrorist allies, frequently […]

Liberty and Security: we must recover the finest meanings of these terms

Conor Gearty will be delivering a public lecture at the LSE tomorrow to promote his new book; Liberty and Security. In this post he explores the main tenets of the book and argues that we should recover the universal dimensions of liberty and security, restoring the egalitarian thrust that drove the turn to democracy and was such an important feature of the […]

February 18th, 2013|Conor Gearty|0 Comments|

The government’s proposal for data communications surveillance will be invasive and costly with minimal effectiveness

The government has proposed providing law enforcement officials with unprecedented access to internet communications. Joss Wright argues that this amounts to a hugely expensive and invasive scheme that will have only minimal effectiveness in achieving its stated goals. The means through which we communicate have undergone dramatic changes in recent decades. Mobile phones and Skype have largely superseded traditional telephones, emails are sent […]

Senior politicians are beginning to see the importance of cyberspace governance, but current international treaties need updating.

Ahead of the UK Cyberspace Conference in London on 1-2 November, Peter Sommer welcomes the British Foreign Secretary’s interest in cyber space and cyber security policies, but fears that current international cyberspace treaties that are too vague and generalised for success.

October 18th, 2011|Peter Sommer|0 Comments|

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