It would be difficult for the UK to follow the ‘Swiss’ or ‘Norwegian’ models as an alternative to EU membership

David Cameron’s announcement that he intends to hold a referendum on the UK’s relationship with Europe has raised the prospect of the country leaving the EU. What would happen, however, if voters did choose to leave? Jóhanna Jónsdóttir assesses whether the UK could follow the example of countries like Norway and Switzerland in using the European Free Trade Association as an alternative […]

A grubby tax deal with the Swiss, a spike in female unemployment and the end of Gaddafi in Libya: round up of political blogs for 20-26 August

Chris Gilson, Danielle Moran and Amy Mollett take a look at the week in political blogging. Libya Conflict As rebel forces close in on Colonel Gaddafi in Tripoli, Mike Smithson at wonders when the ‘rebels’ will cease to be ‘rebels’ to the rest of the world. Tim Montgomerie at thetorydiary says that David Cameron should feel proud of how […]

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