Stephanie Rickard

British public opinion favours bailouts for countries that have strong economic ties to the UK

Using survey data from the UK, Stephanie Rickard finds that public support for bailouts varies by country and is dependant on factors such as beneficiary ties with the UK and the amount of issue-specific knowledge an individual has, with a greater percentage of support for the bailouts found within academia. Since 2010, the British government has committed substantial financial resources to rescues […]

Democracies with proportional voting systems are ‘good citizens’ in global institutions. So will changing its electoral rules make Britain behave better in international forums?

Some liberal democracies are better international citizens than others. New research by Stephanie Rickard shows that the more proportional a country’s voting system is, the more likely it is to fully honour its international commitments on world trade issues. If the British public approves a shift to Alternative Vote elections in the May 2011 referendum, it may not very […]