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    To really ‘take back control’, democracies must reclaim power over the production of money

To really ‘take back control’, democracies must reclaim power over the production of money

Democracy has failed to protect society from the predatory behaviour of global financial markets, writes Ann Pettifor. Drawing on her new book, she explains why the monetary system has made society vulnerable, and how it needs to be transformed.

Ten years after the catastrophic failure of both the global banking system and the global economy, economic disorder is once again […]

Money as a social construct and public good

In a new book, Ann Pettifor explores money and monetary systems, subjects which have been neglected for far too long by the academic profession. As long as we remain ignorant of how monetary systems operate, for so long will the public good that is money be captured to serve only the interests of the tiny, greedy minority in possession of private […]

January 21st, 2014|Ann Pettifor|5 Comments|

Five minutes with Ann Pettifor: “The UK is plunging down a metaphorical rabbit hole into the fantasy world of easy (if dear) money”

Ann Pettifor is Director of Policy Research in Macroeconomics (PRIME) and a fellow of the New Economics Foundation. She will be speaking at the LSE tomorrow as part of the department of law’s Islamic finance lecture series on the subject of ‘ethics, interest and finance’. In this interview, she discusses the UK’s ‘so-called’ economic recovery and the high levels of private sector debt. Can […]

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