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    Pensions, fairness and Lamborghinis: Budget changes to the annuities market are a lesson in the fallacies of freedom

Pensions, fairness and Lamborghinis: Budget changes to the annuities market are a lesson in the fallacies of freedom

The change made to pension schemes in last week’s Budget calls into question the basic definition of what a pension is. True, the current annuities market is highly flawed, yet the new measure not only fails to address the existing problems sufficiently, it also brings about several perverse consequences. Craig Berry argues this is a measure that will fail spectacularly, […]

Pensions policy: A little more consultation, a little less action please

The Pensions Bill that is working its way through Parliament allows the government the ability to suspend auto-enrolment duties at any time, for any reason. Craig Berry argues that the government must take consultations seriously and that exceptions to auto-enrolment should be based on more specifically defined circumstances. As Nigel Stanley and I write in Third Time Lucky: Building a Progressive Pensions Consensus, […]

Cohort size matters: democracy is in danger as young people’s disenfranchisement accelerates

As the electorate ages, intergenerational inequality grows. Craig Berry explains that young people are in some ways being ‘out-voted’ by older cohorts, a problem that will only get worse and may undermine the legitimacy of representative democracy itself. Young people are more affected by the outcomes of the democratic process than other cohorts; their youth means that by and large they will live with […]

Council Tax Benefit reforms will pitch young against old, as well as poor against poor

One of the proposed reforms of the welfare system is moving the responsibility for Council Tax Benefit to local authorities. However, central government has included a number of stipulations that local authorities must obey that will affect their abilities to run benefits. Craig Berry and David Sinclair discuss how one such stipulation will affect working age recipients most acutely.

The Dilnot Commission on long term care funding should not overlook the possibility of co-evolution between pensions and care

The government’s intended reform of the pension system has garnered much commentary in recent months. Craig Berry looks at the work of the Dilnot Commission on another element of policy for the elderly, social care, and finds that there may be opportunities for it to be partnered with the pensions system, giving significant benefits to those of retirement age. The […]

As UK society ages, ‘nudging’ older people to self-regulate the way they drive may improve road safety and improve their wellbeing.

As society ages, it is inevitable that there will be an increasing numbers of older drivers on our roads. Yet there is no evidence that older drivers are less safe than other age groups or that restrictive regulatory systems produce safer roads. Dr Craig Berry of the International Longevity Centre-UK considers whether this is a policy area amenable to the […]