Robert Ford

UKIP’s rise is not just a problem for the Conservatives – they are emerging as the party of choice for disaffected and angry voters from all parties

The UK Independence Party started 2013 riding high, after enjoying their two best ever-election results towards the end of the year. Rob Ford offers a detailed analysis of what is driving this electoral success, arguing that UKIP is a much more complex proposition than most political commentator seem to grasp. Nonetheless, it will take a significant change of strategy for their current momentum […]

Euroscepticism is now a powerful force for the radical right – and UKIP is well placed to harness it

UKIP has watched as its competitors on the mainstream and radical right have exited the electoral field. Robert Ford writes that previously Conservative-voting ‘strategic Eurosceptics’ along with the BNP’s ‘polite xenophobes’ have joined UKIP’s ranks giving Nigel Farage and his party an unprecedented political opportunity. Radical right parties mobilise a complex mix of resentments, against immigration and multiculturalism, corrupt and […]