Sean Boyle

PFI in the NHS did not deliver value for money under Labour. It is unlikely to do so in the future under the Conservatives.

The use of the private finance initiative (PFI) to fund major capital projects in the NHS has been controversial since its inception in 1992. But the Secretary of State’s recent slamming of Labour’s PFI legacy, amidst a raft of reports criticising the PFI process, has re-ignited the debate. Sean Boyle finds that PFI policies in the Health Service lie on […]

The NHS is a shining example of what can be achieved under a publicly tax-funded service. The pause in the review should become permanent

Major changes to the structure of the NHS were announced by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government almost as soon as the ballot papers had been counted and the ink had dried on the coalition agreement. But what problem is the government intent on addressing with these changes? Seán Boyle argues that the previous 13 years of Labour management of the […]