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    Iraq, Syria and the Middle East: Tony Blair has not learned the lessons of the past decade

Iraq, Syria and the Middle East: Tony Blair has not learned the lessons of the past decade

With Iraq on the precipice of civil war, Tony Blair wrote an essay in which he urged Western intervention and argued that if Saddam had remained in power things would be worse. Lee Marsden examines the essay and concludes that Blair’s arguments don’t hold water. 

Tony Blair’s latest intervention in events in the Middle East have been summarily dismissed by London Mayor Boris […]

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    Interventions in foreign countries to promote liberal objectives are bound to fail

Interventions in foreign countries to promote liberal objectives are bound to fail

Should the UK and the United States intervene in sovereign states such as Iraq to promote democracy, free trade and other liberal objectives? Beate Jahn writes that this form of intervention, often termed ‘liberal internationalism’, has at best produced mixed results in states where it has been pursued. She argues that while these failures have typically been explained in terms […]

Big data brings new power to open-source intelligence

The story of Eliot Higgins, a blogger who exploits publicly accessible material to piece together important facts about the Syrian conflict, offers a unique insight into the enormous potential of open-source intelligence. Matthew Moran describes how the networked society has spawned new analytical approaches and opportunities. 

In November 2013, the New Yorker published a profile of Eliot Higgins – or Brown Moses as he […]

The capabilities of Britain’s armed forces may not be diminishing as starkly as the numbers might suggest

Following a new announcement of cuts to the UK armed forces, many are asking whether we are seeing Britain’s defence capabilities in decline. Andrew Dorman warns against simply focusing on focus on numbers or money. There is no direct relationship between amount spent or size of the armed forces and the security of the nation or between numbers of personnel and capability. Also, […]

Westminster’s phoney war against Blackadder

Michael Gove, the education secretary, appears to be on a personal mission to persuade the British to adopt a view of the First World War which emphasizes the ‘patriotism, honour and courage’ of those men who fought in what he describes as a ‘just’ war. Pointing to a survey which reveals only 16% of 18-24 year olds think the war ‘just’ […]

‘New’ old politics: The case for doing things differently regarding defense and security in an independent Scotland

As the independence referendum date draws closer, there has been a retreat from the bold vision espoused by Scottish government ministers regarding defence and security in an independent Scotland, argues Fiona Veitch and Gordon Heggie. The opportunity exists for Scotland to move closer to the ideal of a less militarized view of national identity and follow the example of the devolution project, […]

The US and UK should strengthen their relationship with greater cooperation in the area of foreign policy

Ever since it began after World War II, the ‘special relationship’ between the UK and US has been subject to continual comment and scrutiny. Dr. James D. Boys looks at the current state of the UK/US relationship, writing that while the UK should not be overly concerned at a potential ‘Pacific Pivot’ by the US, more does need to be done to […]

What George Osborne and Boris Johnson’s visit to China means for economic and trade relations

In a recent visit, George Osborne and Boris Johnson rolled out the red carpet to Chinese businesses and banks. Among other deals, Osborne surprised many by leaving the door open for Chinese banks to operate as branches rather than subsidiaries in London, which would enable them to avoid being regulated by UK regulators. Kerry Brown writes that the UK stands to […]

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