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    Declining support for the Conservatives in the North and Labour in the South means outright majorities will be less and less likely

Declining support for the Conservatives in the North and Labour in the South means outright majorities will be less and less likely

The Conservative and Labour parties have seen their combined share of the overall vote decline over the last several decades. This downward trend has been especially pronounced for Conservatives in Scotland and the urban North of England and Labour politicians in the South, making it harder for either party to win a general election outright. Unless the parties can […]

There is still much for British cities to understand about the operation of mayoral government systems

On Tuesday, New Yorkers will vote in primary elections to choose the Democratic and Republican candidates for the city’s directly elected mayoralty. Tony Travers writes that cities in Britain which also now have directly elected mayors, such as London, should watch the contest and its results with interest.  A version of this article was originally published on LSE’s USApp blog.  […]

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The LSE’s ‘Influential Academics’ project: How a number of the School’s personalities have contributed directly to political thought, government and policy-making

The LSE has a long history of influencing political thought and policy. The British Government at LSE has embarked on a project to showcase the numerous scholars, from Beatrice and Sidney Webb to Richard Layard, that have had an important impact on the state and society. In this article, Tony Travers provides an overview of the project’s purpose and progress. LSE academics have long […]

The LSE’s simple guide to UK voting systems

The UK uses a wide range of voting systems to elect MPs; MEPs in the European Parliament; members of the devolved parliaments or assemblies in Scotland, Wales and London; councillors in local authorities; and the London Mayor, other city mayors and police commissioners in England. Here Patrick Dunleavy, Tony Travers, and Chris Gilson offer the definitive simple guide to all […]

The London Olympics catalysed the ‘Great Leap Eastwards’ but will its proposed legacy actually deliver?

The 2012 Paralympic Games have allowed Britons to revisit the euphoria of the Olympics, but the Games’ uncertain ‘legacy’ still loom over Stratford. When the area is no longer filled with the buzz of world-class athletes and excited fans, will the benefits promised to East London ever come to fruition?  Ahead of our ecollection on the topic, we present the […]

The Olympics have been a resounding success. But with a continuing gloomy economic outlook the glow will fade quickly

Tony Travers doesn’t believe the warm post-Olympic feeling will last. By October the economic and political realities will again be acutely felt. The London 2012 Olympics are, now they have been judged a success, seen as having political meaning. Once it became clear that potential obstacles such as security, transport and the weather had been overcome, Britain was able to bask in […]

In discussion with Tony Travers and Patrick Dunleavy on the current state of British Politics

Professor Tony Travers and Professor Patrick Dunleavy discuss the impact of the 2012 local elections and the London mayoral election on the future of British Politics.

London’s choice of mayor will give a tantalising hint of which party will be favourites to win the next general election

Kicking off our London Mayoral Election 2012 coverage, Tony Travers looks at the state of the race for City Hall. As the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats offer up ‘repeat’ candidates, he wonders what this election might tell us about the state of the parties and their prospects for the next general election.  London mayoral contests are among the most […]

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