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Think Tanks
openDemocracyopenDemocracy publishes high quality news analysis, debates and blogs about the world and the way we govern ourselves. It is also home of the the ourKingdom blog on UK politics, with a specific new section on the AV referendum, Referendum Plus.
IPPRInfluential think tank on British Politics.
DemosThink tank focused on power and politics - historically left-leaning, but independent of any political party.
Centre for Social JusticeThe Centre for Social Justice is an independent think tank established by Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP in 2004 to seek effective solutions to the poverty in Britain.
The Work FoundationThe Work Foundation is an independent authority on work and its future. It aims to improve the quality of working life and the effectiveness of organisations by equipping leaders, policymakers and opinion-formers with evidence, advice, new thinking and networks.
Electoral Reform SocietyUK campaign in favour of introduction of STV