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    Five minutes with Diane Coyle: “The BBC needs to stay independent and accountable to the people who pay for it”

Five minutes with Diane Coyle: “The BBC needs to stay independent and accountable to the people who pay for it”

In an interview with Joel Suss, editor of the British Politics and Policy blog, Diane Coyle discusses the future of the BBC and the need for it to truly reflect Britain in all its diversity. She also discusses the impact of technology and globalisation. The transcript of her recent public lecture at the LSE, ‘A 21st Century BBC’, can be downloaded here.

You are […]

The Great British Class Survey revives classical sociological theorising on class in an era of digital data

Earlier this month the Great British Class Survey launched, attracting widespread attention and thrusting sociological arguments about class into the media spotlight. Following on from earlier posts on the LSE Politics Blog, Mike Savage and Fiona Devine clarify the understanding of class on which the project was predicated and address some of the criticisms which have been aimed at it.  Now that the dust […]

The notion of ‘public value’ has an important role to play in making a case for the BBC, however its practical implications need to be articulated in greater detail

Dave O’Brien reflects on the controversies which have afflicted the BBC in recent months and their implications for its role and status within public life. The BBC Trust had already sought to address its critics through the articulation of the public value framework. However important questions have been raised about the practical role of ‘public value’ and these could be productively […]

The Great British Class Survey: calculating economic, social and cultural capital in order to analyse social class

The largest ever study of class in the UK, the Great British Class Survey, is set to release results next month. Mike Savage explains that the novel approach, which measures an individual’s resources in economic, social and cultural terms, provides a more accurate depiction of social class. In April 2013, the first results of the BBC’s Great British Class Survey (GBCS) will […]

In any walk of life effective communication relies on credibility, emotion, and logic. George Entwistle failed on each count.

The BBC’s difficulties were compounded by a profound failure of communication on the part of George Entwistle. Andrew S Crines offers an analysis of these failings and argues that it now falls to his acting successor to restore the BBC’s relationship with its audience.  When I first starting writing this, I was going to argue that business leaders need to be able […]

There is an immediate mess to be cleared up and then the BBC needs longer term restructuring

The BBC is currently embroiled in  a degree of controversy perhaps unequalled in its history. Charlie Beckett offers some recommendations to the BBC for reforming and restructuring in the wake of multiple scandals. There is an immediate mess to be cleared up and then the BBC needs longer term restructuring. There is a fairly superficial job to be done on getting the right […]

The BBC, Savile, Panorama and Newsnight: closed system, closed minds?

Charlie Beckett argues that the Savile scandal is not only damaging for the BBC’s reputation but also a symbol of the kind of institutional problems the BBC has.  I don’t know them personally, but I am sure the BBC managers from Peter Rippon upwards are all well-intentioned and able people. But their defensive, closed-ranks approach to the long-term Savile scandal and […]

The BBC is sacrificing objectivity for impartiality in its coverage of climate change

Bob Ward argues that the BBC needs to start presenting actual facts behind climate change rather than treating objective scientific consensus as merely a ‘point of view’. By providing air-time for misleading and inaccurate information in the name of impartiality, they are doing the public interest a great disservice.   It is now more than a year since the BBC Trust published a seminal report […]

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