Community Budgets

A more direct way of connecting places and Parliament is needed in order for service delivery to move into the 21st century

In this age of austerity, there are many complex issues that face our society. In tackling them, communities need to be given more control over their local public services and budgets. Sir Merrick Cockell advocates giving neighbourhoods greater decision making powers as a way of progressing into the future. Aside from dealing with the major issue of unprecedented budget cuts […]

Local authorities must invest in prevention and collaborative working in order to create tangible improvements in service provision

Stephen Hughes argues that public service providers must focus on achieving tangible outcomes for individuals in the poorest areas, and that this will require a rethink of the entire system centred around a multiple-agency model  that can overcome professional prejudice and compartmentalisation. Last month I was invited to give evidence to the CLG Select Committee around the subject of “Community Budgets” but […]