Department for Transport

The West Coast Main Line mess is symptomatic of much wider questions affecting the whole of Whitehall

The Department of Transport was subject to widespread criticism over the inadequacies which became apparent in the West Coast Main Line franchising process. However Peter Riddell argues that these were symptomatic of much broader issues afflicting Whitehall, raising important  questions about the long-term sustainability of the coalition’s changes within the public sector.  Cuts have consequences. That is a central question raised both by the preliminary […]

Britain suffered fewer road accident fatalities during 2010 than ever before on record. Without more capacity, raising the speed limit will do little to alleviate congestion, and is likely to lead to more motorway deaths.

It was announced last month that the Department for Transport is to launch a consultation on increasing the speed limit for cars and light vans on motorways in England and Wales from 70mph to 80mph. Coupled with the recent M5 crash near Taunton, this has initiated a public debate over motorway speed and safety. Benjamin Heydecker finds that the government’s […]