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    Conservative election expenses: the problem with attacking electoral regulators

Conservative election expenses: the problem with attacking electoral regulators

No charges will be made against Conservative candidates who allegedly broke electoral law during the 2015 campaign. The first reaction of some of those involved was to feel vindicated, their second was to attack the regulators. Alistair Clark explains the importance of electoral law, and writes that, with trust in politics being already weak, politicians should be supporting the […]

The Electoral Commission’s advice to Parliament about the wording of any referendum question on the European Union shows welcome progress in its thinking

On Tuesday, the Electoral Commission published their advice on the question to be put to the public in the event of the proposed 2017 referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union. Sean Kippin and Richard Berry show how their research echoed several criticisms made by Patrick Dunleavy on this blog earlier this year. Ensuring that the question neutrally makes clear the […]

Electing Police and Crime Commissioners – an important milestone in expanding control by elected representatives? Or a disaster in the making?

An encouraging opinion poll this weekend suggests that turnout in this Thursday’s Police Commissioner elections may be only slightly lower than in local elections, whereas other informed estimates have been below 10%. Patrick Dunleavy explains that this is the first time the Supplementary Vote will be used across England and Wales, but criticizes the low level of effort by the […]

UK electoral law is fragmented, convoluted and causing errors in the running of elections. It needs to be consolidated

Toby James discusses the convoluted nature of electoral law in the UK. He argues that a reduction in the complexity will lead to a significant improvement in the conduct of elections in the UK. A quick quiz question: how many pieces of electoral law do you think that electoral administrators have to consider when running elections? Have a guess. Answer: The Electoral Commission has estimated that there over […]

The move to individual electoral registration offers an unparalleled opportunity to take into account disabled people’s access needs and remove some of the systemic barriers they face in casting a vote.

The Political and Constitutional Reform Committee has been carrying out an inquiry into the Government’s plans to introduce individual voter registration. Cristina Sarb of the disabled people’s charity Scope reflects on the prospects individual registration has to make the current voting system more accessible for disabled people. The current electoral registration system is based on one registration form being completed […]