fuel poverty

Government en route to failure on fuel poverty targets and energy efficiency

Robin Webster looks at the latest energy statistics and explores whether the government can achieve the ambitious targets it has set. The low uptake of its flagship energy efficiency policy, the Green Deal, has brought on calls for the government to set “ambitious minimum standards”. The figures on fuel poverty are perhaps the least encouraging of the lot, with the 2010 target already […]

The government needs to go beyond the Green Deal if it is genuinely committed to making households more energy efficient

Dave Timms argues that the Green Deal will not by itself be enough to drive take-up of energy efficiency measures, particularly for the least energy efficient segment of UK’s housing stock; the private rented sector (PRS). Complementary regulation is required so that the combination of minimum standard regulations and appropriate financing mechanisms is achieved. This is the ninth article in a series […]

As energy prices climb ever higher, the government needs to get serious about eradicating fuel poverty

With energy prices growing ever higher, increasing numbers of households are getting mired in fuel poverty. Derek Lickorish argues that the government is not doing enough to tackle this problem and, concomitantly, the costs and implication of the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy have yet to be sufficiently explored. This is the eighth article in a series on climate change and […]

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