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    “Fulfilling Our Potential”: what policymakers’ rhetoric reveals about the future of Higher Education

“Fulfilling Our Potential”: what policymakers’ rhetoric reveals about the future of Higher Education

With universities entering increasingly uncertain times, a new discourse of Higher Education policy is beginning to emerge. Steven Jones takes a closer look at the metaphors of the market and the linguistics of blame, searching for clues about whether the government’s long-awaited Green Paper will offer a Teaching Excellence Framework that divides the sector further or begins to build […]

September 29th, 2015|Featured, Steven Jones|2 Comments|
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    When it comes to higher education policy, Labour is asking itself the wrong question

When it comes to higher education policy, Labour is asking itself the wrong question

Ed Miliband recently said that he wants to cut higher education tuition fees to £6,000, but hasn’t specified how the lost revenue would be replaced. There’s also a risk that trying to reduce the headline figure will actually cause further damage. Labour might want to think about a funding model that demands more for longer from the highest earning graduates, writes Steven Jones.

“How can we bring […]

The UK can learn from international experience of widening participation in higher education

In many ways England is leading the way when it comes to widening participation in Higher Education. However, Lindsey Bowes argues there is a lot to be learned from the approaches of other countries. The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and the Office for Fair Access (OFFA) have developed and submitted a national strategy for promoting access and […]

Momentum grows for campaign championing benefits of part-time higher education

Businesses are backing learn-while-you-earn schemes and higher education experts are recommending immediate action to boost the skills and economic growth associated with part-time study. As the spotlight focuses more and more on part-time students, Guy Collender argues that today’s review by Universities UK marks a milestone in efforts to promote, and improve, opportunities to study part-time. Part-time higher education is […]

The cost of wealth inequality in higher education

Affluence at top US private universities has had profound consequences on tertiary education and increased the competitive challenges to public schools in the UK and US. Looking at the London School of Economics, Dennis Shen explores the impact of wealth inequality in education. The London School of Economics is a university with a very public mission, created on a vision to […]

The government’s Higher Education reforms have put the public infrastructure of teaching and research at serious risk

This academic year has seen the entry of the first cohort of undergraduate students under the new fees regime. In the first article of a British Politics and Policy special feature John Holmwood reflects on this new regime and the broader changes which brought it about, arguing that higher education has a enduring public value which is obscured within the […]

Tough times ahead in 2012 may provide space to question the primacy of growth and consumerism

At the close of 2011, British Politics and Policy at LSE asked our contributors for their thoughts on the New Year 2012. In the first post in this series, Mary Evans finds that while, on the surface, there are few grounds for optimism for the coming year, there may be some chances to reconsider some of our most sacred ideas […]

A bad week for Ed Miliband, the UK says No to a Robin Hood Tax, and the Conservative decontamination is far from complete: round up of political blogs for 24 – 30 September

Danielle Moran, Paul Rainford and Amy Mollett take a look at the week in political blogging. Party polls Conservative Home’s Tim Montgomerie fears that the Conservative decontamination is not yet complete with news that 42% would never vote for the Tories, but also that 42% is a magic number for Labour who lead the parties in UK Polling Report’s polls. […]