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    The University Challenge: what type of Brexit would work for Higher Education?

The University Challenge: what type of Brexit would work for Higher Education?

The EU brought invaluable networks for research and collaboration to the UK. More than that, it fostered a shared democratic culture of openness and tolerance. But these links will have to change as Britain pursues a hard Brexit. Time is short, write Anne Corbett and Claire Gordon, and universities need to make the case for an ‘Intelligent Brexit’ that […]

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    Economics is becoming an elite subject for elite UK universities

Economics is becoming an elite subject for elite UK universities

UK universities have had to become much more responsive to changes in the pattern of demand and compete with one another for different revenue streams. James Johnston and Alan Reeves ask how this has played out in relation to the undergraduate economics degree, finding that new universities have retreated from offering economics programmes even as student numbers rose substantially. The authors argue that the […]

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Book Review: Browne and Beyond: Modernizing English Higher Education, edited by Claire Callender and Peter Scott

Reflecting the changing ideological and economic perspectives of the government of the day, the expansion of higher education in England has prompted numerous reforms aimed at reshaping and restructuring the sector and its funding. Leading to student riots and sparking some of the sharpest controversies in British higher education, the reforms introduced in 2012/13 are by far the most radical, […]

The 1% pay offer to Higher Education staff is not enough to counter four years of wage suppression in a context of increasing marketisation

Last Tuesday universities were hit by a second strike as staff walked out over Higher Education pay. Sally Hunt outlines the issues and writes that while pay is a major driver, the deep-seated unhappiness felt by staff has been brought about by more than just falling rates of pay. The job of an academic has become increasingly characterised by unmanageably high […]

The marketisation of our universities: Economic criteria get precedence over what’s good in human terms

Business criteria, not education or the public good, drive what marketised universities do, writes Luke Martell. Universities are restructuring for the new era, ploughing money into marketing and glitzy buildings, designed to appeal to applicants as much as function for those that use them. It’s a revolution in what the university’s about, and a counter-revolution is needed. In 2010 the UK government announced 100 percent […]

University as a ‘public good’? Only for those who never went…

Using data from the last 30 years, Steven Jones and Anna Mountford-Zimdars examined public attitudes towards participation in higher education. Despite questions being framed in ways that increasingly constructed university as a public expense, they identified a persistent belief in the core values of Higher Education. Among some of the surprising results, they found that graduates were more than twice as likely to favour […]

Neoliberalism, Networks and Knowledge: The commercialisation and resituating of universities

The influence of new “edu-businesses” on policy makers and administrators represents the most recent expansion of neoliberal inspired marketisation into higher education. It is also a sign of the expansion of a new, networked structure of policy making and institutional governance. Steven Ward discusses the profound changes in the way universities today are expected to interface with the states that support […]

A postgraduate loans system is critical to social mobility

Despite the increasing value of postgraduate degrees, there is no loan system equivalent to that for undergraduate students available to postgraduate students. This means that many are unable to access adequate funding and have to resort to potentially disastrous measures to get by. Annika Olsen discusses the recent IPPR report detailing a loan system that makes fiscal sense and addresses the issue. […]