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Five things to watch for in the Spending Review

George Osborne will be presenting his third Spending Review today, setting out what will happen to public spending for the next four years. Julian McCrae looks at some of the things you should watch for, to see what’s actually happened and whether the Government can deliver on its promises.

The initial media reactions to spending reviews and budgets are seldom […]

The West Coast Main Line mess is symptomatic of much wider questions affecting the whole of Whitehall

The Department of Transport was subject to widespread criticism over the inadequacies which became apparent in the West Coast Main Line franchising process. However Peter Riddell argues that these were symptomatic of much broader issues afflicting Whitehall, raising important  questions about the long-term sustainability of the coalition’s changes within the public sector.  Cuts have consequences. That is a central question raised both by the preliminary […]

The experiences of Scotland’s devolved authority can provide lessons in governance for Westminster and beyond.

12 years after devolution, former Permanent Secretary for the Scottish Government, Sir John Elvidge, writes that the innovations of Scotland’s parliament can provide lessons for UK governments, coalition and otherwise. Since 1999 we have constructed in the UK a great opportunity for learning from the exchange of experience between the government structures in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. It is […]