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    London bucks the UKIP surge and appears headed in a direction far removed from the rest of the UK

London bucks the UKIP surge and appears headed in a direction far removed from the rest of the UK

It should come as no surprise that UKIP failed to make significant gains in London during the recent European and local elections. A global and European city that benefits immensely from how the UK is currently run and which is home to the UK’s largest non-British population was never going to be fertile territory for a party campaigning on […]

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    Migration into London is spilling into towns outside the Green Belt

Migration into London is spilling into towns outside the Green Belt

Between the 2001 and 2011 censuses a new phenomenon emerged amongst migrants into the London region, which is that migrants are now spilling out into a number of towns outside the Green Belt. As Kerwin Datu describes, this creates new opportunities for a dynamic polycentric regional economy, but will also create new infrastructural and environmental stresses for which we […]

London should have a separate, higher minimum wage

Over the last decade and a half, the difference in pay between the lowest paid decile of workers in London with that of the rest of the country has shrunk. This means we should consider introducing a higher minimum wage in London, argues Kitty Ussher. Not only will this not jeopardise jobs in the Capital, it would also benefit the […]

Londoners are not little Englanders

Euroscepticism is far stronger in other areas of the UK, especially in areas of England, than it is in London. London’s economy, population and politics offer immediate reasons for this more comfortable view of the EU. The views held by Londoners of the EU should remind us that labelling the UK, or England, as ‘Eurosceptic’ overlooks how views of […]

Book Review: Reinventing London by Bridget Rosewell

London has enjoyed an extraordinary period of growth in the past generation, symbolised by the towers of Canary Wharf built on the skeleton of the old docks. Finance had a lot to do with it, but its day is now over. This short read looks at how the infrastructure-driven regeneration of Kings Cross and the Olympic boroughs show what […]

London’s housing crisis is real, but the Mayor’s housing strategy falls short on solutions

The Mayor of London’s plans for new homes in the Capital is thousands less than what is required. Moreover, although the Mayor is required to produce a housing strategy, he does not (except in limited instances) have the power to compel boroughs, developers or other market actors to do what it says. Here, experts from LSE London challenge the Draft Housing Strategy […]

February 26th, 2014|Housing, LSE London|7 Comments|

Book Review: Remaking London: Decline and Regeneration in Urban Culture

Between the slum clearances of the early twentieth century and debates about the post-Olympic city, the drive to regenerate London has intensified. Yet today, with a focus on increasing land values, regeneration schemes purporting to foster diverse and creative new neighbourhoods typically displace precisely the qualities, activities and communities they claim to support. In Remaking London, Ben Campkin aims to provide a […]

The suburbs remain a poorly understood part of London

For many, the word “urban” is synonymous with high-rise buildings, financial and cultural centres and inner-city life. But this ignores the existence of the suburbs. In his new book City Suburbs, Alan Mace explores how suburbanites interact with the city and calls for the suburbs to be better integrated into studies of the city. My call is to include the […]

November 26th, 2013|Alan Mace|3 Comments|

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