PCC Elections

The elections for police and crime commissioners show that it’s difficult to stop the political class protecting its own

Bringing our Police and Crime Commissioner coverage to a close is a somewhat different sort of article, as Wyn Grant reviews the historical  55 days and discusses the political lessons which can be drawn from it. He argues that the PCC elections illustrate how the political class protects its own and that, while we must resist populist disdain for politicians, it also […]

November 15th, 2012|Wyn Grant|1 Comment|

Police force mergers are unnecessary and miss the point; the best policing is local

Much of the focus during the PCC elections has been on the principle of representation. Will Tanner argues that localism is equally important and that the future of policing in England and Wales must be local and democratic, not regional and bureaucratic. At the mid-point of this Parliament, the apparatus of policing in England and Wales is undergoing far-reaching and long-overdue reform, […]

Despite the problems that have beset the elections for Police and Crime Commissioners we must still take them seriously

The criticism of the Police and Crime Commissioner reforms has been lengthy and varied. This week’s elections finally end the tripartite governance structure and replace it with an untested and far from popular new system focused on a single locally elected individual. Despite all the problems and the shortcomings, Tim Newburn argues that the issues involved are too important for […]

Electing Police and Crime Commissioners – an important milestone in expanding control by elected representatives? Or a disaster in the making?

An encouraging opinion poll this weekend suggests that turnout in this Thursday’s Police Commissioner elections may be only slightly lower than in local elections, whereas other informed estimates have been below 10%. Patrick Dunleavy explains that this is the first time the Supplementary Vote will be used across England and Wales, but criticizes the low level of effort by the […]