To understand the present troubles in Belfast, we need to go back to the dying days of the old ‘Orange State’

The disturbances prompted by Belfast City Council’s decision to restrict their flying of the Union flag can seem bewildering to outsiders. However Eric Kaufmann argues that they make sense within the broader historical context, as the dismantling of a centuries old tradition has come to symbolise Protestant fears of a loss of power in what is rapidly becoming a Catholic majority country.  Belfast City Council’s decision […]

Is the Northern Ireland Peace Process Flagging?

Recent disturbances in Belfast naturally invite questions as to how this is grounded in a longer history of conflict within Northern Ireland. Jim Hughes explains how the current social strife is deeply rooted in the past but is also a product of profound changes, not least of all demographic, within the country. The conflict in Northern Ireland has been fought as intensely in the […]

Book Review: Local Peacebuilding and National Peace: Interaction between Grassroots and Elite Processes

This book looks at violent and protracted struggles in which local people from countries like South Africa and Northern Ireland have sought to make their own peace with local combatants. Meike de Goede finds the case studies presented from a wide variety of countries make for a valuable contribution to the study of local peace initiatives. Local Peacebuilding and National Peace: Interaction […]