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    Unionism Vs self-interest: would MPs support Proportional Representation?

Unionism Vs self-interest: would MPs support Proportional Representation?

In light of the electoral divergence between the UK’s constituent nations, and the real danger of a break-up of the Union, Klaus Stolz makes the case for Proportional Representation. He explains, however, that reform will be a choice between the collective self-interest of Labour and Conservative MPs on the one hand, and their ideological values on the other.

Scholars of […]

The LSE’s simple guide to UK voting systems

The UK uses a wide range of voting systems to elect MPs; MEPs in the European Parliament; members of the devolved parliaments or assemblies in Scotland, Wales and London; councillors in local authorities; and the London Mayor, other city mayors and police commissioners in England. Here Patrick Dunleavy, Tony Travers, and Chris Gilson offer the definitive simple guide to all […]

Quota rules would be more effective than proportional representation in moving towards greater gender equality in the Commons

The UK Parliament is astonishingly poor in terms of female representation with just over 20 per cent women MPs. Rosie Campbell and Sarah Childs argue that while a PR electoral system could help to redress the balance, the single most important factor related to higher levels of women’s representation is the use of quotas. It is a widely held view that the first-past-the-post electoral system disadvantages […]