Public Accounts Committee

The Universal Credit fiasco shows that we need a new model of Ministerial accountability

The Government’s Universal Credit scheme looks to be unravelling, with the Public Accounts Committee recently levelling a series of withering criticisms at the Department for Work and Pensions. Dave Richards and Martin Smith argue that the Secretary of State’s decision to pin the blame for these failures on his departmental officials marks the culmination of a long term blurring of established lines of accountability. […]

Early action would save billions according to the Public Accounts Committee

According to the Public Accounts Committee report released today, government is systematically wasting billions of pounds each year by acting too late. For example, instead of providing expensive benefits and support for people unemployed for years, we can ensure they leave school with half decent qualifications or get some prompt retraining when they lose their job. Will Horwitz argues that looking at […]

Despite the uphill battle in extending Freedom of Information to companies doing public work, the open data movement is already beginning to hold many of them to account.

Despite initial opposition, Freedom of Information is one of the more successful government policies of the last decade. Now, many believe that it is time for the Act to be extended to private companies doing work for public bodies. Ben Worthy argues that while this is not proving to be easy, many Open Data initiatives are already allowing the public […]