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    Book Review: Uninformed: Why People Know So Little About Politics and What We Can Do About It by Arthur Lupia

Book Review: Uninformed: Why People Know So Little About Politics and What We Can Do About It by Arthur Lupia

Are citizens fundamentally uninformed – or even misinformed – when it comes to questions of politics and government? In Uninformed: Why People Knows So Little About Politics and What We Can Do About It, Arthur Lupia tackles the issue of political ignorance by arguing that rather than simply seeking to provide greater information to the public on political issues, the […]

Though currently indifferent, young Germans may begin to reject the EU if economic conditions worsen

As part of our Euroscepticism collaboration, Britta Busse, Alexandra Hashem-Wangler and Jochen Tholen look at the attitudes of young Germans towards the EU. Using in-depth interviews, they find that while German youth are generally positive about European integration, they feel that the EU needs Germany more than Germany needs the EU. They also warn that a deterioration in the economic situation for German young people […]

Book Review: Exits, Voices and Social Investment: Citizens’ Reaction to Public Services

Over fifty years ago, Albert Hirschman argued that dissatisfied consumers could either voice complaint or exit when they were dissatisfied with goods or services. Loyal consumers would voice rather than exit. Hirschman argued that making exit easier from publicly provided services, such as health or education, would reduce voice, taking the richest and most articulate away and this would lead […]

Book Review: Opinion Polls and the Media: Reflecting and Shaping Public Opinion

Opinion Polls and the Media provides a comprehensive analysis of the relationship between the media, opinion polls, and public opinion. The contributors explore how the media use opinion polls in a range of countries across the world, and analyses the effects and uses of opinion polls by the public as well as political actors. Reviewed by Anthony Wells. Opinion Polls and the […]

Book Review: Don’t Take No for an Answer: The 2011 Referendum and the Future of Electoral Reform

As political scientists and commentators watch and wait for local election results to come in, what many will find most shocking, although not surprising, are the low voter turn out rates. It seems that the British public remain largely disinterested in elections, a problem also encountered in the 2011 referendum. Kerwin Datu reviews this recent book on the mistakes and delusions of the Yes […]

Book Review: The Political Marketing Game

Jennifer Lees-Marshment, author of The Political Marketing Game, shows how the marketing game is played and how to win it, reviewed by Joel Suss.   The Political Marketing Game. Jennifer Lees-Marshment. Palgrave MacMillan. March 2011. Find this book:    The political game is increasingly about marketing. Focus-groups, opinion-polls, consultants and advertising are all utilized more than ever by politicians seeking an edge. This […]

There is a gender gap in public opinion towards UK military intervention, with women less supportive of British action in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

It’s long been known that public support for foreign military intervention wanes with time. But are there major differences in men and women’s attitudes towards initiating and sustaining foreign wars? Ben Clements shows the persistence of a ‘gender gap’ in British public opinion by looking at the popular mood on British military interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. When democracies […]

Unlike the Scots and the Welsh, Londoners seem content with limited devolution and weak mayoral powers- at least, for now.

2012 is set to be a big year for London, with the upcoming London Mayoral elections and Olympic Games. Ahead of the first London Policy Conference next week, Guy Lodge finds that, unusually for a devolved region, neither the Mayoral candidates nor the public are seeking further devolved powers. This week Ken Livingstone tried to regain the initiative in the […]

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