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Inside the ‘new NHS’: where are the citizens?

Where does accountability lie within the NHS? Bob Hudson writes that the current ways of the healthcare system make public scrutiny and citizen accountability opaque and increasingly incomprehensible to outsiders. He argues that engaging with citizens is key to giving the healthcare debate legitimacy.

The issue of citizen accountability in the NHS has been troublesome from the outset. Aneurin Bevan’s […]

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    When ‘more for less’ becomes ‘less for less’: the implications of central decision-making for the delivery of frontline services

When ‘more for less’ becomes ‘less for less’: the implications of central decision-making for the delivery of frontline services

With his unique perspective on the public sector, the Comptroller and Auditor General, Sir Amyas Morse, explains some of the elements of financial management and planning that determine success in major reform programmes. He uses examples from local government, adult social care, and NHS reforms to conclude that, too often, ‘efficiency’ improvements have shaded over into unplanned grass roots […]

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    Why the market model for the care of people with learning disabilities is inviable

Why the market model for the care of people with learning disabilities is inviable

The high debt levels in the independent care sector, and the reliance of services on it, mean that the quality of care is being compromised. Lee Humber explains how the market model for the care and support for people with learning disabilities came to change in recent years, and why the current system is, at best, economically inviable.

There has […]

Book Review: Growing the Productivity of Government Services by Patrick Dunleavy and Leandro Carrera

In this book Patrick Dunleavy and Leandro Carrera ask why government productivity has been so neglected in the study of economics and public management. Chapters cover customs regulation, tax services, and the need to embrace digital change, and the book concludes with some clear and practical advice. Andrew Massey feels that the authors have delivered an original and innovative study, useful for public sector practitioners and […]

How to remake government for the digital age

A recent report by Sarah Fink and colleagues at Policy Exchange outlines how the power of technology, data and the internet can be harnessed to truly transform the way government operates and delivers public services. In this article, she summarises a series of recommendations made in the report around efficiency gains and digitising Whitehall, developing a total data approach to policymaking, and […]

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Investing in services is not enough; raising incomes is vital to improve children’s outcomes

Conducting a systematic review of all the available empirical evidence, Kerris Cooper and Kitty Stewart found clear evidence that money itself does make a difference to children’s outcomes. Spending £1,000 on raising household incomes would have a similar impact on children’s schooling outcomes as spending £1,000 on schools. However, raising household income would impact many different outcomes at the same time. Income […]

Limit public service competition to non-profits

Limiting public sector work to organisations without private interests is a simple but effective solution to many policy problems, argues Colin Talbot. This could provide some (limited) competition while at the same time avoiding the downsides of private sector provision. The idea that competition is better than monopoly provision in public services is now established wisdom among the British political elite. Since […]

The new political class and the governance of the police in Britain

Using the governance of police as a case-study, Ron Amann argues that many aspects of the overall mode of political and managerial control in our society are disturbingly familiar with that of the Soviet Union. As a former student of centrally planned economies I have been astonished by the emergence during the last 25 years or so of a political and administrative […]

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