Reflections on a Research Field Trip to Brazil

As Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch prepares to travel to Quito to participate in Habitat III, current and former postgraduate students reflect on their experience of travelling to Brazil to observe first-hand how socio-cultural psychologists research and work in complex urban environments. 


 ‘Resilience and Porosity of City Borders: A psychosocial investigation in three Brazilian cities’ is an international interdisciplinary collaboration project studying the […]

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    Podcast: The relationship between virtual experiences and social behaviour

Podcast: The relationship between virtual experiences and social behaviour

The relationship between virtual experiences and social behaviour has long held the fascination of researchers of social science, with studies exploring extensively its negative (e.g. aggression) and positive (e.g. learning) effects. With the development of the Oculus Rift and mobile technologies such as the Samsung Gear VR, the infrastructure for virtual experiences is becoming increasingly accessible in our daily […]

European Commission funds new survey on safety in aviation

As part of the ‘Future Sky Safety’ initiative, the European Commission has funded The London School of Economics and EUROCONTROL to explore safety across the air transport system.

Safety culture refers to the norms, values and practices shared by groups in relation to safety and risk. Research shows that organisations with a poor safety culture are more prone to accidents, […]

The ‘ripple effect’ of driving behaviour

The Department of Social Psychology has completed a research project for the tyre company Goodyear, working through LSE Enterprise. Dr Chris Tennant discusses what the study revealed about the psychology of ‘ordinary, everyday’ drivers, and how they can get involved in antagonistic interactions with other drivers, (combative driving) and co-operative interactions with other drivers, (considerate driving).

When negotiating road space […]

MSc fieldwork gallery 2015

As the new academic year is about begin we take a moment to reflect on some of the fieldwork conducted by our MSc students in 2015. Laura Chilintan and Tanushree Sarkar have kindly agreed to share their pictures and experiences of gathering data for their dissertations.

Laura’s fieldwork was conducted in Romania where she explored social representations of communities which […]

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