The Importance of Informed Consent in Social Media Research

In light of the recent data breach between Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, Ilka Gleibs revisits her blog on the importance of informed consent in large-scale social media research to protect the privacy, autonomy, and control of social media users. This blog extends on her argument for an approach to consent that fosters contextual integrity where adequate protection for privacy is tied to specific […]

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    Conducting and disseminating research in high-risk settings: A trip to Rio De Janeiro

Conducting and disseminating research in high-risk settings: A trip to Rio De Janeiro

In September of 2017, Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch and PhD student Sandra Obradovic travelled to Rio de Janeiro for an event organized by UNESCO and Globo Network, where Professor Jovchelovitch was due to give a talk. On the day of the panel, the security-cleared route was compromised and an alternative route had to be proposed and approved. This blog-post discusses […]

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Spotlight on careers: Research Manager

In our third careers feature, Sara Levy, recent graduate of MSc Psychology of Economic Life tells us how she became a Research Manager at Google and what steps she took to get there.

You graduated in 2017, what are you doing now?

Research Manager at Google

What skills do you use from your MSc in your job?
Quantitative and qualitative methods (on a […]

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MSc research: Psychological Contracts of Graduate Newcomers

In this blog post, 2016/17 MSc Organisational and Social Psychology graduate Vandita Dhariyal discusses her fascinating dissertation research on the expectations and then real-life experiences of graduates in their first year of employment. This research shows that the transition from student to employee can be a stressful and confusing one, and that both individuals and employers need to provide support and training to help […]

Spotlight on careers: Behavioural Strategist

In the second part of our series on careers, we spoke to Ria Dayal, former MSc Organisational and Social Psychology student about her career path into behavioural strategy.

What did you study?

I did my MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology. My optional courses were; Organisational & Social Decision Making, Health Communication.

What are you doing now and why did you choose […]

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Spotlight on careers: PhD and academia

Even thinking about your career is a job in itself. While studying at the LSE, students are encouraged to think about and plan what they will do once they have graduated, whether that’s entering the corporate world, working for charity or government or pursuing academia. What can you expect, what should you plan for and when should you start? At this […]

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    MSc research: Who are “we”, who are “they” and why do they collide? A dialogical social representational approach to the Cyprus Conflict

MSc research: Who are “we”, who are “they” and why do they collide? A dialogical social representational approach to the Cyprus Conflict

2016/2017 MSc Social and Cultural Psychology graduate Elisavet Panagiotou discusses social representations of the Cyprus Conflict. 

Cyprus is a Mediterranean island that experiences an intractable intergroup conflict between two of its communities, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. Currently, Greek Cypriots live in the south of the island, under the de jure sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus while Turkish Cypriots live […]

MSc research: Resilient cities and the porosity of borders

In this MSc research titled ‘Resilient cities and the porosity of borders: A socio-psychological study of open/closed neighbourhoods and resilience amongst youth in London’, Mario Washington-Ihieme discusses the social codes and boundaries that support and deepen community division, looking at Brixton and Tottenham in London.

London’s representation of an open city seldom acknowledges the urban spatial divisions of its inner […]

DisCo 2017: MSc Dissertation Conference

This post is written by Sai Kalvapalle, MSc student 2016/17 of Organisational and Social Psychology. Sai is currently a PhD candidate at the Department of Business-Society Management, Rotterdam  School of Management, Erasmus University, The Netherlands.

It gives me great pleasure to write about DisCo 2017, the London School of Economics and Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science’s very first MSc […]

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    Reflections from Bridging Theory and Practice: collaboration and impact

Reflections from Bridging Theory and Practice: collaboration and impact

The Bridging Theory and Practice meeting held on 12 September, 2017, at the London School of Economics brought together representatives from the private sector, donor organizations, Non-Governmental Organisations and the academia to share their experiences, deliberate on policies and generate new insights on the theme of the Media and Social Norms. The meeting was hosted by the Department of […]

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