May 23 2016

Celebration of Sustainability @LSE Catering 2016

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Karen Catering Sustainability 2016LSE Catering won Gold Awards for two Green Impact Projects at the ‘Celebration of Sustainability’ presentation this year. It was a fantastic achievement to see The Fourth Floor Restaurant and The Bean Counter gain Gold Awards.

The Fourth Floor Restaurant award was for promotional events in the restaurant to raise the awareness of sustainable savings that can be made by using a collapsible cold water bottle. There was an increase in sales whilst the promotion was running. Information was also provided about the 58 water fountains that can be found across the main site and the financial saving to be made as well as the sustainability benefits.

Catering sustainability


The Bean Counter Award was for a ‘From Farm to Plate’ project which incorporated an apple tasting event held at the Bean Counter of locally grown apples, nine different varieties featured and information and history of the apples provided.
Well done to Karen for leading the projects and the teams in the Fourth Floor Restaurant and The Bean Counter!

Congratulations and thank you to all who contributed to the work done to achieve the awards!

LSE Catering provided the refreshments for the Presentation Award which were all sustainable and locally sourced.

Catering sustainable refreshments

Alice To
Food Development Manager
LSE Catering


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May 23 2016

Introducing Josh Pearce – RCSD Marketing Officer

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Josh PearceHello everyone. I am delighted to be joining LSE as the RCSD Marketing Officer. I have experience in Marketing & Communications at Keele University and most recently at an arts charity based in East London. I hope to bring a fresh perspective to the Residential and Catering Services Division and I am relishing working with my new colleagues.

Please be sure to say hello if you see me around the campus or in the halls of residence!

All the best and I look forward to working with you all!


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May 23 2016

Celebration of Sustainability 2016

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The Celebration of Sustainability 2016 celebrated all the hard work put in by staff and students  on environmental initiatives this year, and was a great success! The event was hosted by Andrew Young (Chief Operating Officer) and saw LSE’s current Acting Head of Sustainability, Jon Emmett, applaud all of the work undertaken across the school this year.  In addition, LSE’s Former Head of Sustainability and current Director of Antaco UK Ltd, Martin Bolton, introduced his new venture Biocoal – an economic substitute for fossil coal made from organic waste products.

Find out more about Antaco UK Ltd here.

First ever biocoal produced 19/05/16

First ever biocoal produced 19/05/16


Green Impact

Green Impact logo





It was brilliant to see the halls claim so many of the Green Impact titles!  The awards were reclaimed tiles from LSE Stores, and the refreshments were all sustainable and locally sourced (and delicious!)

High Holborn Residence was one of only two teams winning the prestigious prize of Platinum Award this year.  An extra special ‘Well Done’ to all staff and students there.

Here is a complete list of all the Residential Services Teams which won Green Impact awards:

  • Butlers Wharf – Green Impact Bronze Award
  • Bankside House – Green Impact Gold Award
  • Carr Saunders Hall – Green Impact Gold Award
  • Grosvenor House – Green Impact Gold Award
  • Northumberland House – Green Impact Gold Award
  • Passfield Hall – Green Impact Gold Award
  • Rosebery – Green Impact Gold Award
  • High Holborn – Green Impact Platinum Award

Photos of all the winners can be found at the end of this post.

Find out more about Green Impact at LSE here.


Student Switch Off

Student Switch Off Logo




The winner of the 2015/16 Student Switch Off was announced by Michelle Farrell, Sustainability Project Officer at National Union of Students.

Carr Saunders Hall is the winner!

They have reduced their energy usage by more than 50% since recordings made before LSE got involved in Student Switch Off.  This is a huge achievement!

Student Switch Off Results Graph

Student Switch Off Results Graph

Find out more about Student Switch Off at LSE here.


Congratulations and thank you to all who contributed to the work done to achieve all of these awards!

Next year’s Green Impact has already launched so, if you’ve been inspired, you can get started right away!  If you want to get involved in any green initiatives at your hall, speak to your Front of House Manager for more information.  All staff and students are invited to take part.

Green Impact Bronze Award Winners

Green Impact Bronze Award Winners

Green Impact Gold Award Winners

Green Impact Gold Award Winners

Green Impact Platinum Award Winners

Green Impact Platinum Award Winners


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May 19 2016

Student Accommodation Satisfaction Survey – Results are in!

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The initial results of the Student Accommodation Satisfaction Survey are now available.  You can view the full numerical results for each hall here.  A full written analysis will be available on the same webpage in a few weeks’ time.

Here’s a very brief summary of what our residents told us about their overall experience in Residences.

Survey - Happy face tickedOverall:

90 per cent of residents are enjoying their stay in residences

83 per cent of residents would recommend their residence to other LSE students

75 per cent of residents felt that their residence offers good value for money


At LSE halls:

93 per cent of residents are enjoying their stay in residences

90 per cent of residents would recommend their residence to other LSE students

80 per cent of residents felt that their residence offers good value for money


At 3rd Party Managed halls:

83 per cent of residents are enjoying their stay in residences

68 per cent of residents would recommend their residence to other LSE students

62 per cent of residents felt that their residence offers good value for money


At University of London halls:

93 per cent of residents are enjoying their stay in residences

85 per cent of residents would recommend their residence to other LSE students

76 per cent of residents felt that their residence offers good value for money


All survey prize draws have now been completed, and winners have been notified. Congratulations to all 25 winners!

Finally, a huge thank you to the 2462 residents who gave us their views, and to all staff who helped encourage those residents to complete the survey.  With all this information we can continue improving our residences.

Thankyou in different languages

If you have any comments or questions about the survey, please get in touch via

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Apr 18 2016

GCC Strikes again…

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GCC Start

You’d have been hard pushed to miss the GCC Frenzy that struck many of the staff in RCSD between May and September over the last two years!  A tiny little Accelerometer (a fancy name for pedometer) had many of us dancing our way to and from the kitchen to make tea, and carefully calculating the longest route between two meeting rooms.

It inspired many people to take up new hobbies (swimming, spinning, dancing, etc.), and helped create even stronger bonds in already close teams.

More importantly it got us away from our desks and out into the sunshine during the best months of the year – SUMMER!

After such a successful year last year (LSE came 1st against all other organisations in the UK education sector), LSE is getting involved in the Global Corporate Challenge again for 2016.

Wait wait wait, hold up!  I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.  Start again!

The Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) is an activity challenge that businesses around the world enrol teams in.  Last year over 370,000 people took part across the world.  Your LSE team will compete against other LSE teams, other Higher Education teams, and against all other teams around the world.

If you sign up, you will get sent an Accelerometer which you will need to wear for 100 days from 25th May. (The GCC is also compatible with some other devices, such as Jawbone and FitBit, so you may be able to use these instead, if you prefer)

For 100 days you will need to record your step count on the GCC website (don’t worry – there’s an app for that!).  The steps taken by members of your team help you walk around the world.  The more steps you do, the quicker you move, and the more locations you uncover.

At various stages you’ll be set extra challenges (e.g. achieve 100,000 steps in 7 days) to give you an extra bit of motivation, as well as given information about improving your diet and sleep quality.

After the 100 day challenge is over the website with more advice and mini challenges will still be available to you, but it becomes an individual challenge.

For more information, have a look at the LSE website and the GCC homepage, ask anyone who took part in GCC last year, or email Jennifer ( or Claire (

Register for GCC 2016Would YOU like to give it a go?

Whether you’ve been involved in GCC before or not, you are more than welcome to put yourself forward for this year.  In fact, priority will be given to those who haven’t previously taken part.  This is a challenge open to everyone, and you don’t have to be an aspiring athlete to get involved.  It’s more about incorporating more activity into your daily life, not just gaining credit for an already active lifestyle (though of course you have the right to feel smug and revel in your athleticism outside of the GCC!)

Already active people are definitely also welcome to take part but, to encourage fair competition between teams, only two ‘very highly active‘ people are allowed in each team of seven.

If you would like to take part, find a team of seven and register yourself online here.   If you can’t find a full seven, email Claire ( who will try to buddy up part-teams to create a full team.  Unfortunately there is limited space available, so it might not be possible for everyone to take part (registering a team doesn’t guarantee you a place), but don’t let that stop you putting yourself forward!

We look forward to seeing interest from lots of you, and embarking together on a

Super Summer of Stepping!

GCC Pulse Accelerometer

Who’d have thought that this little device could exert so much power?!

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Mar 16 2016

A Grosvenor House Veggie Thank You

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Green immpact logo
On Saturday 12th March, Grosvenor House hosted a ‘ Go Veggie at Grosvenor House’ event. Organised as part of a Green Impact initiative, the main focus was on increasing awareness of the impact of meat consumption on our planet.

We encouraged Grosvenor House residents to consider lowering their meat intake. Ahead of  Saturday’s event we distributed information on local vegetarian produce and local vegetarian restaurants.

GH veggie 1 GH veggie 2

About 25 Grosvenor House students and staff enjoyed an LSE Bee society presentation, honey tasting, many vegetarian dishes and screening of Cowspiracy.

Promoting sustainable eating at Grosvenor House did not stop there! Grosvenor House offers accommodation to postgraduate students in studio flats. They prepare their own meals and we have had great feedback on suggesting local produce shops.

We also have a copy of LSEats 2015 – 2016 available for our residents at reception to inspire them with many vegetarian recipes.

Grosvenor House
Green Impact Team

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Mar 16 2016

Are you brave enough to take the shower challenge at Rosebery?

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The average person takes 10 minutes to shower and by reducing the time to 4 minutes, each person could save 13,000 litres of water a year and have 1.5 days of extra free time a year!

The time you shower is more important than you think as you use 10 to 20 litres more water for every minute you shower.
RA Shower Poster

Having been made aware of high water consumption at Rosebery Hall, we decided to try and target the behaviour of residents to reduce water consumption by introducing four minute timers.

For the new academic year (2015/16), the Green Impact Team at Rosebery Hall launched the four minute shower challenge by installing four minute timers in 49 shower cubicles.

To improve the effectiveness of the challenge, we set up an interactive data entry sheet to create a mini competition, so that the students can challenge each other and add an extra interactive way to encourage them to read more about the project.

In the long-term we hope that water consumption at Rosebery Hall will decrease and that students and guests will have a better understanding of the importance of sustainability.

What do you think, would you be able to shower at Rosebery Hall?

Are you ready to take up the challenge?

Rosebery Hall
Green Impact Team

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Mar 10 2016

“Grunch” for Grapevine

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On March 5th, High Holborn hosted “Grunch” (Green Impact Brunch) to demonstrate and spread awareness to students about waste and recycling. Having identified problems our halls had with recycling and waste through our Green Impact survey, we were able to focus on key areas including the proper use of compost bins.

Grunch 3Grunch 2

Before students were allowed to enjoy our brunch they were handed a card with an item on it and asked to place the item in the correct bin! Many of our students were able to pass the quiz… and for those that didn’t, it gave us the opportunity to explain the recycling bins and demonstrate which items go into which bins. Additionally, most items provided in the brunch were packaged individually and had signs next to them to explain where to dispose of the packaging. The items chosen for the brunch reflected common items that would be found in the students’ kitchen.  At the end of their meal the students were challenged further to dispose of their waste correctly.

Many of the students were happy with the brunch and learned some useful information through the quiz and disposing of their waste. Usman, Hall Committee President, stated the brunch was “really easy and helped my understanding of recycling”. Another student thanked us for hosting the brunch, expressing her enjoyment of the games included before the food.

Grunch 4Grunch 1
The “Grunch” was a big success in educating and challenging our students about recycling. After our waste was sorted, we found most items were disposed of correctly and there were minimal items in the general waste bin.  We were able to demonstrate to our students that recycling and sorting their waste is straightforward and can be easily accomplished in a fun and approachable way!

Katarina Selmoun
Front of House Manager (High Holborn)

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Feb 22 2016

Cocktail and wine evening – Friday 26th February

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Cocktail Evening

The second event run by LSE Catering this week!

Celebrate the start of the weekend with our cocktail and wine evening taking place on the lower ground floor of the New Academic Building.

Doors open at 5.00pm until 10.30pm with a large selection of made to order cocktails and variety of different wines for you to enjoy.

Bring along your friends and colleagues as all are welcome!

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Feb 22 2016

Cheese and wine night – Thursday 25th February

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Cheese WineLSE Catering are running two events this week.  Both are open to staff and students. On Thursday 25th February, the Fourth Floor Cafe will be holding a cheese and wine event from 4.00 until 7.00pm.

As well as our usual selection of great wines, we will also have a choice of delicious cheeses for you to purchase.

Everyone welcome so come along for an after work social with colleagues or a small gathering with friends.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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