Oct 7 2015

LSE Garrick – Exciting New Lunch Menu

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LSE Garrick Sign


This summer LSE Garrick’s downstairs restaurant has undergone some exciting changes to its home cooked lunch with a new style of menu being introduced. Instead of a main meal with the option of sides, they are now serving one inclusive meal at a set price.

Risotto from the Garrick



The aim of the new menu is to simplify the offering while also using improved ingredients with a street food influence to create some new delicious dishes. These include Cantonese Satay Chicken, Coley in a Fennel Butter Sauce and a Butternut & Sweet Potato Burger! As well as the improvement in the menu, prices have been reduced, with prices starting from £4.35 and all hot meals costing less than £5.


We strongly encourage you to go downstairs and try out the new menu then let us know what you think!

LSE Garrick restaurant

Downstairs at LSE Garrick


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Oct 6 2015

Training and Development with HR Organisational Learning – New schedule for 2015/16

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HR Organisational Learning have organised a new schedule of courses for the 2015-16 academic year.

To find out more visit the A-Z of Courses and take a look at the webpage Learning and Development to find a comprehensive list of other development opportunities for this academic year.If you see any courses you are interested in please speak with your line manager.

If you have any queries or require additional information about booking a place or being added to a waiting list, email hr.learning@lse.ac.uk.

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Oct 6 2015

Celebrating GCC Success with Rachael Elliott

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Rachael Elliott GCC 2015

Congratulations to Rachael Elliott who received an award for the most improved participant at LSE at the GCC 2015 celebrations today in the Shaw Library.

A great event and a great achievement, Rachael was cheered on by her Peter Andre Coffee Foundation team mates and Peter. Well done Rachael!

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Oct 2 2015

Staff Survey 2015 – Get Involved

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The 2015 Staff Survey will launch in November and we’re looking for key contacts across all departments, centres, institutes and divisions. We need help with testing the survey, promoting it to colleagues and feeding back results across the School. It’s a great opportunity to network within your area and be an important part of a school-wide project.


If you would be interested in joining the Staff Survey team please check with your manager and email Fran Hannan. Staff Survey Contacts would be needed to attend an initial briefing on week commencing 12 October.

Staff feedback provides a credible picture about the strengths and areas for development of the School and it is important that everyone has their say. The Staff Survey will be your opportunity to feedback in order to improve your working environment and the School.

We had a great response to the survey in 2012 and want to do really well again this year to make sure we hear from as many people as possible. To do so – all we need is you!

Visit the web page for more information on the Staff Survey 2015.

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Oct 1 2015

Calling all LSE students and staff! Learning Mandarin at the LSE

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Are you aware that the Language Centre offers a wide range of Mandarin courses which allow you to maintain and develop this highly-valued language skill?

Why learn Mandarin?

If you’re thinking of working in an international organisation or business, the ability to speak Chinese would be a particularly valuable asset. Mandarin is not only spoken in mainland China and Taiwan, but also in Chinese communities in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Mongolia. The benefits of effective communication across multiple languages have long been known by the international business community as an indispensable tool for relationship building and financial success. By learning a language like Mandarin, employers will value you as a candidate who is willing to challenge yourself. They will also recognise that you are career-focused and a candidate who is able to adapt to a changing world.

Or perhaps you are thinking of travelling to East Asia in the not too distant future. Being able to communicate with natives, if even at a basic level, will most definitely improve your day to day experiences!

Learning Mandarin at LSE

At LSE, Mandarin can be taken as either a degree course or an extra-curricular ‘certificate’ course. If you are a student and considering studying beginners Mandarin as a degree course, please take a look at the course guide for LN104. The degree option offers two to six contact hours per week with teaching staff and enables you to develop your linguistic skills at a fast rate. The degree course options are capped, and students enrol on a first-come, first-served basis. Beginner classes are also capped at twelve students per group, so we encourage you to register for Mandarin courses on LSE for You (accessible via LSE’s intranet) as soon as possible.

The certificate courses are available to both students and staff, irrespective of ability. Both students and staff receive a discount on course fees. Certificate courses, both standard and fast-track, are offered at levels 1 to 5. With this wide range of courses, LSE students and staff are sure to find one appropriate for their learning needs.

At the LSE Language Centre, we recognise that learning a language from scratch can be intimidating. Here are Co-ordinating Language Teacher Fang Pan’s top tips on learning Mandarin:

  1. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes
  2. Have confidence
  3. Enjoy it!

Find out more

Our dedicated team of language teachers and support staff are here to help you. We are happy to answer your questions related to our Mandarin courses – for degree courses, please contact Dr Xiang (h.xiang@lse.ac.uk) and for certificate courses, please contact Dr Shi (l.shi3@lse.ac.uk).

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Sep 24 2015

An invitation to Spectrum’s welcome reception

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SpectrumSpectrum is the network for LGBT+ staff at LSE. Our aim is to support and represent lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and other minority gender identities and sexual orientations at the School.

Our annual Michaelmas Term Welcome Reception will take place on Thursday 15 October at 5.30pm in the Shaw Library and we’d love to see you there. Book your place now: all staff (including research students employed by the School) are welcome.

lse.ac.uk/spectrum | spectrum@lse.ac.uk | @LSESpectrum

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Sep 22 2015

Introducing… Aperitivo

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Cosmopolitan Martini with Lime on Bar

Mmmm, cocktails!


On Friday 2nd October the top floor of the New Academic Building will be hosting its first ever Aperitivo. They’ll be serving a range of prosecco, champagne, classic cocktails and fine wines with an accompanying selection of delicious Italian bites.

The location on the top floor of the NAB offers spectacular views and is a great opportunity to get together for a team social or to unwind at the end of the week.  There will be a credit card machine on site for those of you who don’t carry cash.

All welcome – staff and students.  We look forward to seeing you there!



Aperitivo Poster

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Sep 21 2015

Look who we found…. Neil Lawrence!

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Neil and FOHM
Well not quite found, we were invited! Great to catch up with Neil Lawrence last week when he kindly hosted the termly Front of House meeting in his new surroundings at King’s College, Champion Hill Residence.

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Sep 2 2015

Plaza Cafe – Revived & Reopening

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Jacqui Beazley, Head of Catering, is pleased to announce that the Plaza Cafe has reopened having undergone an exciting refurbishment to improve the customer experience and quality of products on offer.

Stephen Swarbrick, who took over management of the cafe earlier this year, has spearheaded the changes and is excited to see the outlet reopen.

We wanted to focus on creating a boutique style cafe that was more than just convenient. We want the Plaza Cafe to be a central destination offering a great range of fresh and delicious products with an atmosphere to match.

The cafe is still awaiting a few small finishing touches that should be completed by the start of term, but in the meantime we invite members of staff to pop-in for lunch or a coffee to tell us what you think.  Please also leave us a comment below with your thoughts on the refurb.

Examples of the improvements are shown below:

Handmade  barista coffee, with freshly ground organic coffee and organic teas

Handmade barista coffee, with freshly ground organic coffee and organic teas


A complete refresh of our menu bringing in healthy and nutritious lines

A complete refresh of our menu bringing in healthy and nutritious lines


Breakfast pastries and homemade granola pots to kick start your day

Breakfast pastries and homemade granola pots to kick start your day


A panini grill for freshly toasted breads

A panini grill for freshly toasted breads


New and improved seating options

New and improved seating options


Fresh exciting new soup range and ramen noodles.

Fresh exciting new soup range and ramen noodles.


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Jul 31 2015

Let’s Celebrate! Financial Year-end

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Most people are probably aware that today is the last day of our financial year.

Lots of us within both residences and catering are tasked with counting food stock, checking petty cash tins, and ensuring Opera is up to date.

Then it’s down to our Finance teams to work through the numbers, reconcile the accounts and produce the financial results of our operations for the last year.

To mark the occasion Mark Beale celebrated this morning with colleagues from the Finance Division – Sara Whyte, Liz Bunting and Sallyanne Oates.

They had a great breakfast at The Garrick prepared by John and his team!

Finance team enjoying breakfast at The Garrick

Celebrating Financial Year-end with Breakfast at The Garrick

It’s wonderful to see all the fun things that are happening around the department.  If you and your team have something to celebrate, let us know and we’ll blog about that too.

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