Aug 13 2014

After four years and 24 moves – final goodbye to Passfield Hall

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Staff and Student at Passfield Hall

Ibolya, Jemma-Louise, Katarina, Steve and Selcuk with the Passfield Hall Plaque

Move-out day from LSE Halls of Residences is often an emotional time. As first year, General Course and Masters students alike depart for the long stretch of summer ahead, it is a time of reminiscing and prolonged goodbyes.

The day sees many tears, many boxes, many embraces and much laughter; as students celebrate the memories they’ve shared together.

For one student from Passfield Hall, this year was particularly special. After four wonderful years, Jemma-Louise Wood moved her belongings out for the 24th(!)* and final time – as she bid her farewell to the place that had become a second home.

Jemma commented:

“I’m really going to miss Passfield and my room especially! It’s seen so much over the years, not just celebrations with friends but also late night essay writing and long days revising for exams. I’ve loved not having to cook for myself too!”

It was a bittersweet goodbye, but Jemma made her mark by leaving a little gift on display in the Passfield dining room. “Wood, J. L. lived and laughed here, 2010-14” it reads (slightly hijacking the plaque marking Cleary, Goldstone & Mackrell’s stay some 64 years earlier).

From 1950 to 2014, many students have moved through Passfield; living and laughing, and even as they’ve moved onwards and upwards to great things – we hope they will always hold their memories of Passfield dear.

By Clementine Starling,
Passfield Hall

*given move-in and -out days during holiday periods.



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Aug 4 2014

Wanted: Social Media Ambassadors

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Forget the start of the Premier League season – there is a bigger competition to follow!

Between August and December 2014, we ask all members of staff to become Social Media Ambassadors and engage in a battle to increase the number of followers on the vacations Facebook page for their hall.

If you work in the division, help us to create engaging content by taking photos of anything that’s happening at your hall, scouting out events, markets etc that are going on in your local area. Share your insider view!

first prizeThen send your pictures, selfies, information and stories to me, and I’ll be going through your submissions and post them to your hall’s page.

So whether you’re a housekeeper, front of house manager or receptionist – your input will help us to create the buzz to engage followers and attract new ones!

The prize? We’ll be doing a final count on 19 December 2014, and a large Christmas hamper will go to the team who’s achieved the highest overall increase in followers.

The league table below is updated monthly, though I’ll be sending you updates each week on how you’re page is doing. You are welcome to like a particular page yourself, if you have a favourite hall to give them an initial boost. Don’t forget that you can also promote your Facebook page to guests when you speak to them in person. Links to all of the pages are below.

I’m looking forward to receiving your ideas. 

Good luck to everyone!

Nathan Palmer

HallFollowers 1 August1 Sept1 Oct1 Nov 1 Dec
Bankside House
Northumberland House
High Holborn
Grosvenor House
Rosebery Hall
Carr-Saunders Hall
Passfield Hall
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Jul 31 2014

Under Construction: New Accommodation for LSE Students

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urbanest Westminster Bridge

Under Construction: urbanest Westminster Bridge

I’ve just been to see how ‘our’ new hall of residence is coming along.

From September 2015, we are to have 484 beds in urbanest Westminster Bridge, a new hall of residence which is currently being built on the south side of Westminster Bridge, near County Hall and Waterloo station.

It’s just 25 minutes’ walk from campus, and it’s looking good – the structure is already up to level five of the planned 19 storey building.

Once finished, the hall will house a school, flexible workspace for ‘startup’ businesses, a gym, swimming pool, café and (most importantly) 1000+ bed spaces for students. So with our allocation, LSE students will be taking up almost half of these. For more details and updates, visit the urbanest student accommodation blog

Mark Beale


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Jul 28 2014

Meet Alex, our work experience student

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Alex, a student at the Newport Free Grammar School spent a fabulous week with us on work experience. Read on for her report:

This week I have been lucky enough to spend some time with the LSE Residential Services and Catering Team.

Firstly, I became a photographer for the day and accompanied Samantha to High Holborn to take some photos of the top floor flats.

I then spent time with Nathan from marketing who took me around all of the LSE catering outlets and we discussed ways that marketing could be improved. I really enjoyed this because it allowed me to be creative and suggest some of my ideas!

I also spent time with Claire from the Design Unit, who showed me some of her work and the projects that the team are currently working on.

Overall I feel that I have learnt a lot about marketing this week and have gained a great insight into the industry.  This has made me want to go into this area of work even further!

Everyone has been so friendly and made sure that I discovered everything that I wanted to. I’ll be sad to leave!


Julia, Samantha, Alex, Nathan, Fiona, Jennifer and Stephanie

Julia, Samantha, Alex, Nathan, Fiona, Jennifer and Stephanie

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Jul 17 2014

Froyo comes to Cafe 54!

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The sun, making its yearly appearance, has arrived in London! As the masses descend upon Lincoln’s Inn Fields and jostle for a nice seat in the sun, popping up on the forecourt outside Cafe 54 is a new tasty treat. Frozen yogurt or ‘Froyo’ as it is better known is now being served for a limited time. Why not grab yourself a frozen yogurt and choose from a variety of toppings and sauce of your choice. Come along and try this delicious low fat indulgence. What could be better on a hot summer’s day?

Open: Friday 18th, Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd, Friday 25th July
Time: 11.00am – 3.30pm
Venue: Outside Cafe 54

Froyoa 1

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Jul 11 2014

‘Eggs-cellent’ Marketing Campaign Draws in Crowds for Garrick Breakfast

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Breakfast at The Garrick

Busy breakfast at The Garrick

There’s nothing like a tasty, filling breakfast to set you up for a hard day’s work and play, but sometimes they’re hard to find near campus.

Well, now you can hoover one up in the basement of The Garrick from 8 to 10.30 every weekday morning. And that’s exactly what 100 summer school students did this week.

Seven hundred of them stay at Grosvenor House and Northumberland House, neither of which have canteens, so we saw the chance to satisfy their morning cravings.  Together with the teams from catering, and RCSD Sales and Marketing, we devised a campaign to entice them through our doors.

We dropped the idea of disrupting the Tour de France in Garrick t-shirts, and plumped for revamped menus and a big publicity drive instead.

Facebook, Twitter and email were put to full use, as well as ‘old school’ flyers and window stickers.

Then the chef and his team went into overdrive to serve up eggs Benedict and bacon sarnies galore.

A huge thank you to everyone involved and for those of you that haven’t been yet: Why not join us?

Nathan Palmer
Marketing Assistant

Breakfast Tea

Tasty Tea Treasure Chest

Chef John

Best Breakfast Maker in Town. Watch those fingers, John!

Breakfast at The Garick

LSE Summer School Students at The Garrick

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Jul 3 2014

Run on Student Accommodation Stand at Undergraduate Open Day

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On Wednesday, 2 July 2014, LSE welcomed thousands of parents and students to the campus for the LSE Undergraduate Open Day. It was the perfect weather for an open day and visitors were greeted with ice cream and a range of talks, information stands and even a jazz band in the sunshine on Houghton Street.

We contributed to the day with the ‘Student Accommodation’ information stand, maintained by a dedicated student and staff team from the Residential Services Office, Residences Maintenance, High Holborn Residence and Passfield Hall.

Corey, Jay and Arti

Corey, Jay and Arti before the rush

Visit Day 2014

All your accommodation questions answered – the open day ‘A’ team at work.

Visitors were also treated to our new 360° virtual tours of halls available on iPad and a range of helpful information to answer their questions.

A big thank you to everybody who helped prepare and staff the stall!

Ashley Cory

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Jul 1 2014

Re-post: Visit to Ecopark waste treatment plant

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When is waste not waste? When it’s a resource of course!

“LSE’s Sustainability Team, along with residences staff and green champions, went on a tour to Ecopark waste treatment plant.”

In case you missed the item in the Green News and Jon Emmett’s fabulous post, here’s a link to his article about the Visit to Ecopark waste treatment plant.

(And as a little ‘teaser’, here the picture of the excursion in full personal protective gear.) ecopark visit

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Jun 24 2014

Pop Up BBQ and Shake Bar

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photo2Everything was in place: The tents had been put up, the grills had been on ‘pre-heat’ ready for the first burger to touch down and start sizzling, and the staff were trained. After weeks of planning and organising, we were ready to go: Thursday 5 June saw the first pop up BBQ and Shake bar on the John Watkins Plaza, set up from the Fourth Floor Restaurant team.

When we were due to start serving at 12 midday, the plaza was pretty much empty. A few students were sitting in the deckchairs that we had set out, deep in thought in their books and laptops oblivious to us setting up. What we needed now were some customers. I was beginning to wonder whether anyone would come and buy a burger or a shake or whether we will we end up just feeding our staff Gourmet Burgers and fresh fruit shakes. Had all this hard work been for nothing?

Suddenly as the first smell from our test run started to hit the air and the smoke started to rise and billow around campus students and staff started coming out of the buildings. I turned around and a queue had formed by the grills,  yes we were actually going to make a sale.

My plan for the day had been for one member of staff to cook and one to make shakes while I drummed up some business. That plan went out of the window, as the queue was growing by the minute. A quick change of plan was required, and I was behind the grill with Steven and Miro. We soon had a system going, and as quick as the Burgers were cooking we were putting the next batch down. By now, the end of the queue was winding its way around the back of the plaza pod and some serious pushing was taking place. Crowd control was now needed: a few swift words and a free sample of shakes and all was back in control.

By this point we had been cooking for one hour, the smoke was pretty intense and the tears were pouring from my eyes only two more hours to go after three hours. Over two hundred and thirty burgers had been sizzled and 60 shakes had been made.


We all smelled of smoke our eyes were red and our bodies ached…. was it worth it? Yes! The sense of achievement for myself and my team was immense. Did we have burger for lunch? No!

We were back for more on Thursday 12th and 19th June.

Lesley Causley
Unit Manager
4th Floor Restaurant
Catering Department

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Jun 23 2014

Introducing Nathan Palmer: RCSD new Marketing Assistant

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Nathan PalmerHello everyone. I am delighted to have joined LSE as a Marketing Assistant and will be working in the Residential & Catering Services Department! My background is in both account management and marketing having previously worked for a textiles company based in North London. I hope to bring some fresh ideas to the position and am excited to meet my fellow colleagues throughout my time at LSE. Please be sure to say hello if you see me around the campus and halls of residence and guide me in the right direction if I appear to be lost! All the best and I look forward to working with you all.

Nathan Palmer
Marketing Assistant

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