Having (somewhat!) integrated into LSE life and settled into London, I felt it would be good to reflect on my experience so far; specifically, the highlights of Fresher’s week at Bankside House. For future LSE students, I hope I am able to accurately represent just how action-packed ‘week 0’ of the Michaelmas Term is.


Sunday 18th September – Day 1:

    • Bankside House, one of LSE's halls of residenceMOVE IN DAY! Eager students from all over the world reach London and move into LSE’s largest accommodation residence on a busy Sunday afternoon. After the formalities of signing sheets, collecting your key and saying a rather emotional goodbye to parents, Welcome Week had officially begun! As well as the RAG Fresher’s pack organised by the LSESU, the Bankside House Committee had planned various events to allow us to socialise with fellow residents; the first being a social at the bar downstairs.
    • “Hi my name is X, I’m from Y place and doing Z course” definitely became the most used phrase of my life so far; 600 LSE students consisting of undergrads and postgrads socialised over free drinks and great music before heading out to the first club night – Tiger Tiger. I know most people will be familiar with the phrase “You won’t make your best friends during freshers.” and that may be true but I had a very different experience. I made some of my closest friends during the very first week and continue to have dinner, walk up to lectures and go clubbing together with them!

Monday 19th September – Day 2:

    • ICEBREAKER ACTIVITIES! After a busy day at LSE attending a welcome talk from the maths department and going over the protocols of registering with a GP and completing my room inventory, Monday night’s events was definitely one to be remembered! The committee at Bankside had organised icebreaker activities such as speed dating in the evening before a social at the bar. Another free drink (something that became the norm during fresher’s week, thank you Bankside Committee!) and another opportunity to get to know people. I remember the feeling of excitement when I spoke to people from the USA, France, Switzerland, India and Singapore within the first half hour of the social; just showing how internationally diverse LSE truly is. The club night on Monday was one of the most enjoyable, a true LSE classic at The Venue – Saucy! Amazing chart music and a photo booth inside the Three Tuns Bar made the night all the more special!

Wednesday 21st September – Day 4:

    • THE FORMAL! By Wednesday most people were pretty exhausted from late nights and the tiredness of welcome week was starting to catch up with us but the Bankside committee kept us going with another brilliant social! Casino night at the bar, half price cocktails and a photo booth, Wednesday certainly was a great way to clean up and dress for the occasion with Shaka Zulu being just the location for it!


So these were a few of the highlights of my first week at LSE. Waking up every day of Welcome Week knowing that your day consists of social events, meet and greet’s and exploring the surrounding area with friends was one of the best feelings and one which I truly miss!

Anish Parpani


Student studying Maths with Economics at the LSE who enjoys hockey and badminton, travelling to new destinations and exploring the City of London. You can follow me on my travel adventures @anishparpani!