Advice to incoming students from an MSc survivor

Before I begin, I know you’re stressed. Don’t worry, you’ll be okay. Just breathe. You deserve this.

As I write this, I’m a few days away from celebrating/commiserating one year of living in London, and thought it would be useful/cathartic to write the post I wish I’d read 12 months ago.

It’s worth noting that I might have ignored all this […]

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Long Road to PhD applications

A post by alumni blogger Marina.

So you like research? Do you feel like you would prefer to continue doing research? Would you like to do a PhD after your MSc? I have laid out a mini-guide about how to successfully apply for a PhD.

Disclaimer: this is advice is for people who are considering a european PhD programme only.

What you’ll […]

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The Balancing Act that is University

With one week left of Michaelmas term, I cannot help but feel like time flew by, leaving me slightly confused and out of breath. While I will admit that being two weeks behind on my reading is not something I would count as an achievement, the very fact that I survived the toughest balancing act ever gives me a […]

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Highlights of Welcome Week at Bankside House

Having (somewhat!) integrated into LSE life and settled into London, I felt it would be good to reflect on my experience so far; specifically, the highlights of Fresher’s week at Bankside House. For future LSE students, I hope I am able to accurately represent just how action-packed ‘week 0’ of the Michaelmas Term is.


Sunday 18th September – Day 1:


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First Impressions

It’s about to be a month since I arrived in London from Nairobi, Kenya and honestly, it still feels like I stepped foot at Heathrow airport only yesterday! I was buzzing with excitement as I sat in the taxi on the way to my new home, and the first thing that struck me about London was its vibrant scenery […]

A look back on the year

It seems such a long time ago, September 2015, when I first enrolled on the MSc course in Social Policy Research. Who knew then that at the end of the academic year we would be living in a different socio-political constellation? As I look ahead to my second year at LSE, to start in a few months’ time, I […]

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