A beginner’s guide to London’s top attractions

I know this blog is being written at a really late point in time but for anyone who hasn’t realized it yet… London is the most happening place to be! I have been meaning to write about my initial sightseeing trip to London’s most famous attractions that took place at the start of last year, but deadlines and social […]

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    ‘Distinctive, dynamic, illuminating and challenging’ : Reflecting on my Parliamentary Internship

‘Distinctive, dynamic, illuminating and challenging’ : Reflecting on my Parliamentary Internship

This post was originally published on the LSE Government Blog

The interview for my internship was one of the most intimidating experiences of my time in London (so far). This was not due to a severe interviewer or an intense line of questioning but rather from my sheer awe at the House of Lords itself. In my personal, professional and […]

The people you’ll meet at LSE

When everyone asked what I was most excited for about studying abroad, I always talked about how I couldn’t wait to travel the rest of Europe, see the sights, and make it to places I had only dreamt of. And it’s come true; I’ve only made it to Amsterdam, Edinburgh, and Venice so far, but each of those trips […]

Long Road to PhD applications

A post by alumni blogger Marina.

So you like research? Do you feel like you would prefer to continue doing research? Would you like to do a PhD after your MSc? I have laid out a mini-guide about how to successfully apply for a PhD.

Disclaimer: this is advice is for people who are considering a european PhD programme only.

What you’ll […]

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The Balancing Act that is University

With one week left of Michaelmas term, I cannot help but feel like time flew by, leaving me slightly confused and out of breath. While I will admit that being two weeks behind on my reading is not something I would count as an achievement, the very fact that I survived the toughest balancing act ever gives me a […]

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First Impressions

It’s about to be a month since I arrived in London from Nairobi, Kenya and honestly, it still feels like I stepped foot at Heathrow airport only yesterday! I was buzzing with excitement as I sat in the taxi on the way to my new home, and the first thing that struck me about London was its vibrant scenery […]

A look back on the year

It seems such a long time ago, September 2015, when I first enrolled on the MSc course in Social Policy Research. Who knew then that at the end of the academic year we would be living in a different socio-political constellation? As I look ahead to my second year at LSE, to start in a few months’ time, I […]

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