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A Beginner’s Guide to the London Social Scene

Moving to a new city, it’s hard to find out what is fun until you try it out. The social scene in London is electric and perfect for students. Here are some of my favorite nighttime activities that I would suggest for anyone new to London:

1. Tate Lates
Every last Friday of the month, the Tate Modern hosts Tate Lates. […]

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British Cuisine – time to give it a chance

London has one of the best food scenes in Europe in my opinion. The choice of cuisines can quite frankly be overwhelming. Just in terms of lunch options you can pop out for sushi, grab a Thai curry from a local food stall, pick up a falafel wrap or even go and eat a Hawaiian poke bowl at a […]

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The Cup away from home

Moving to a different country is definitely a transformative experience (duh). All of a sudden I realized that back in Brazil I would eat rice and beans at least four times a week and I had never taken notice of it before. I realized that here there is no cheese-bread available for an afternoon snack when you go to […]

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My LSE Volunteering Experience

I don’t think that I was familiar with the idea of a university having a volunteering sector before I came to LSE. Volunteering is at the core of the LSE experience; we hear about it every single week and I think that this is great because it provides the opportunity of doing very fun things, meeting people outside ‘the bubble’ […]

My year at LSE according to Google Maps

I don’t have words to describe my year at LSE. One post is not going to do justice to everything that I learned, to all the people I met and to how much this year has changed me.

However, after months thinking about data E-V-E-R-Y  S-I-N-G-L-E  D-A-Y, there is no better place to start.

By surrounding ourselves with technology, we produce […]

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    Top Ten Moments So Far! (Includes Meeting the Queen and Oprah)

Top Ten Moments So Far! (Includes Meeting the Queen and Oprah)

I can’t believe Lent Term is already over! Since we are officially at the halfway mark, here are my top ten moments so far!

1. The MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs)
Halfway into Lent Term, I went to the MTV EMAs and got to hold an actual EMA award! I have never been to a music award ceremony even in America, […]

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The mystery behind the old Aldwych Station

Next time that you happen to be walking around the LSE Campus, don’t miss the opportunity to check out this very strange construction: A hidden entry to an old tube station labeled only as “Strand Station”.

Although located in the Strand, one of the iconic streets in central London and reference point for those roaming around LSE, the big gate is […]

March 12th, 2018|London life|1 Comment|

Best Spots to See Christmas Lights in London

Let me start out and say that LONDON DOES NOT WASTE A DAY TO CELEBRATE THE CHRISTMAS SEASON! It was only the second week of November when I saw that Oxford Street and Seven Dials already had lights up. Even some of my favorite bars in Covent Garden had Christmas decorations on the dance floor! Seeing lights other than […]

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How to Get Started Cycling in London

You’ll notice them as soon as you get here: cyclists weaving through traffic, past idling double-decker buses and black cabs like water flowing around pebbles. Perhaps you’ve thought about getting into cycling yourself, but it can be intimidating in a new city if you don’t know where to start. There’s a few easy things you can do, though, to get […]

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A beginner’s guide to London’s top attractions

I know this blog is being written at a really late point in time but for anyone who hasn’t realized it yet… London is the most happening place to be! I have been meaning to write about my initial sightseeing trip to London’s most famous attractions that took place at the start of last year, but deadlines and social […]

October 2nd, 2017|London life|0 Comments|

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