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Psychology in the Queen’s Backyard: Cumberland Lodge 2016

I began writing my December year-in-review post, but it felt wrong and early. I had included an event in one of the highlights of my year, but it really warrants its own post.

So, here goes. Cumberland Lodge 2016: Psychology edition.

Before I dive in, I would like to preface this post with an…explanation. I’m just coming off of writing […]

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Internship Application: How to conduct firm research

It is surprising how many people ask me this question- I mean, isn’t this what Google is for? However, we live a world where we get swamped with too much news and too many things to digest. So here are a couple of tips and tricks I personally found useful.

Web surfing

Read the firm’s quarterly/annual reports- or more specifically, the Chairman/Senior Partner/ […]

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Hey, London, nice to see you again.

It was around 5.40 in the morning, a month ago, when I landed in London, amazed by its glamorous night view, feeling refreshed breathing the cool air of late September. I tried to remember my first trip to London around eight years ago. It was summer. The sun shined all day till 9pm, making the early-begun disco party seemed […]

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Team Up At LSE

“Every child deserves a champion, an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.” – Rita Pierson
As my undergraduate career came to a close, I had a crisis of confidence. I hadn’t applied for any professional roles (oops!) and I hadn’t (yet!) been accepted […]

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Distasteful soft power: the woes of Japanese cuisine served abroad

Shinzo Abe, Japan’s conservative prime minister, credits to his administration the UNESCO designation last year of washoku—Japan’s traditional diet—as an intangible cultural heritage. Mr Abe has been keen to increase Japan’s soft power in the world, and washoku’s UNESCO designation had long been cooking on his menu on initiatives.

Elected in 2012, this is Mr Abe’s second time as prime […]

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Internship Application: Cover Letters

Hello everyone! It’s that time of the year again when all LSE kids are rushing for Goldman Sachs openings.

Not to worry, not all of us want to work in GS or sell our souls to Investment Banks. However, Cover Letter writing skills are an important skill to have and it might prove to be an asset sometime when you […]

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As Green as (Wimbledon) Grass

*Advance warning: This post contains inordinate amounts of Roger Federer adoration and some rather unashamed ‘fangirling’ *
It has been a bit of a break between posts, yes. I’d like to say the reason behind it was the hours of long work on the dissertation, but in all honesty, it feels like the summer is melting away just like snowflakes! […]

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London Walking…

This post comes at a time when most of us are getting ready to brave the long walk to the library. That walk might just become a lot longer, considering the current tube strikes. London is really a great city to get around on foot. Wide footpaths, functional signals, streetlights and lots of signs and maps. And, now that spring […]

The Genius of Sir Christopher Wren

If you remember, my last rambling was on the subject of the British sandwich. Now I turn my attention towards food for the soul: architecture.

London is full of brilliant and stunning architecture. It is a marvel of structural ingenuity. From the neo-Gothic splendour of the Houses of Parliament, to the pyramid of glass and steel that is the Shard. […]

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Musings: Of Spring, Home and Adventure

The days are getting longer, the posts shorter and the deadlines closer, so I must apologise, both for the long gap since I last posted, and also apologies in advance because I suspect this post is rather rambling. I have become quite fond of taking long walks, and it seems like my mind is off on a ramble of its […]

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