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Keep Calm and Revise On: A Guide to Surviving Exams

The moment we have all been waiting for…EXAM TIME! Almost every seat in the library is taken, the queue for the nearby coffee shops are longer than I have ever seen them, and the weekends no longer feel like weekends. What an exciting time to be an LSE Student! (Not really.) Jokes aside, exam time can be considered a […]

BSc Finance: schnitzels, snow and sightseeing in Vienna

Students on the BSc Finance have a house system, where each student is allocated into a house on arrival at LSE. Each house has a budget for events and activities. This January, House Sharpe, made up of first and second year BSc Finance students, organised a trip to Vienna, hometown to Felix, one of the Heads of House. This post was […]

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If someone lights a match…

This place will burst like fireworks.

I don’t really know how we got here, this atmosphere was built little by little throughout the break… But last week (Week 1 of Summer Term) LSE was transformed into a giant cauldron of nerves and stress.


I had a great break. According to my Google Maps timeline I spent 27 days, […]

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Around the dinner table

This week I was saddened to learn that Rosebery Hall will not be hosting a postgraduate community in the next academic year.

I have met a lot of postgrads living in halls at LSE and not one of them has had an experience like the one we had here at Rosebery. Not even those living in Bankside.

Unlike other halls, at […]

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Building Relationships at LSE

Moving to a new city is a challenge within itself, but what’s even more difficult is forming new relationships and friendships. Like many students I know, I came to the LSE knowing nobody. Since I’m a postgraduate student and already had a network of friends from college and high school, it wasn’t a priority of mine to make any friends […]

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    The Process of Finding Housing in London: Why I Chose LSE Housing

The Process of Finding Housing in London: Why I Chose LSE Housing

Looking for housing (especially in a city where you have never lived in) is quite a daunting task. I don’t want to admit that I did this, but a year ago, I maniacally spent a couple hours on google looking for a place to live. I narrowed down my options to Residence Halls so I could not stress out […]

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    I Survived The Beast from the East, But The End of Lent Term is Another Story

I Survived The Beast from the East, But The End of Lent Term is Another Story

I’ve lived in London for about 7 months and I surprisingly don’t miss my hometown of San Francisco as much as I thought I would. It wasn’t until Storm Emma hit London two weeks ago where I started missing the calm weather of San Francisco. To be fair, I have experienced snow after living in Washington, D.C., but this was […]

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The first Rosebery Hall Room Decor Exposition

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to this most exquisite event.

Lent Term is already in its final stretch and it has been seven months since we moved into LSE Rosebery Hall. Between long brunches, Sunday mornings eating pancakes in the kitchen and birthday celebrations, this experience has been a blast. You can read all about my Rosebery life on this post […]

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LSE Groups 2017/18: my experience

I’ve been at LSE for almost two terms now. An accumulative total of 20 weeks to be exact. In my time I’ve gone through my motions and phases – where I count years instead of weeks in terms of personal change, where I’ve felt really tested about what it means to be me, and where I want to be […]

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How Beveridge Shaped My Perspective on Poverty

Being a Social Policy student at the LSE, my views on social issues such as poverty have been constantly changing. Coming from the United States (this is by no means a valid reason to justify my lack of knowledge), I honestly had no idea who William Beveridge was. It wasn’t until I started attending LSE public lectures and discussed […]

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