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Why You Should Volunteer Abroad

If you didn’t manage to secure a summer internship or if you simply didn’t fancy working away that long precious summer you only get as a student, then you might be wondering what on earth you’re going to do with those three months of freedom which come as a blissful reward following the stress of final exams. Naturally, if […]

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Elizabeth: Let’s start with a little self introduction

Some background information

I come from a bit of a paradoxical background, considering I was born in Washington D.C. but in terms of nationality, I am Russian. So, when asked where I am from, I tend to respond that I am an American born Russian. Then the next question people ask is: “So then, which do you like better?” Honestly, […]

LSE – A Brit’s First Impressions

Having just graduated in July from the University of Birmingham and coming fresh out of an undergraduate degree, I thought the transition to Master’s at LSE wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary – ‘It’s just another year at university,’ I told myself, ‘how different can it be?’ In answering that question, I was (pleasantly) surprised.

I’m a student from […]

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My nervous journey to LSE

Hi! I am a 22-year-old recently graduated architect from India, now in London for this seemingly daunting task of pursuing my master’s in the midst of all the economists, mathematicians, and politicians.

Like everyone I assume, I had spent most of August and September worrying about baggage restrictions, reading lists, future prospects of my program, course choices, accommodation and most […]

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The dissertation explorer

Studying at LSE has been a process of challenging myself intellectually. I already spoke in previous posts about my struggle to find myself academically during my undergraduate studies. I think that the main difference when you start your master’s level degree – and this is truer when you’ve already had time to think about what you want to do – […]

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    Enjoying the London Summer While Working on Your Dissertation

Enjoying the London Summer While Working on Your Dissertation

When people ask me whether I am done with graduate school, some part of me wants to say yes, but I know that I have a huge dissertation looming over me and I can’t say I am fully done yet. Just saying the word dissertation overwhelms me. In retrospect, I know that I have the whole summer to work on […]

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    Grosvenor House: Reflections From Living in a Graduate Student Hall

Grosvenor House: Reflections From Living in a Graduate Student Hall

Especially since I worked a few years after receiving my undergraduate degree, I haven’t lived in a student accommodation for a long time. I’ve already talked about why I chose student accommodation in a previous blog post, so this is all about my personal experience at Grosvenor House. There are many different halls a postgraduate student can live in. […]

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My LSE Volunteering Experience

I don’t think that I was familiar with the idea of a university having a volunteering sector before I came to LSE. Volunteering is at the core of the LSE experience; we hear about it every single week and I think that this is great because it provides the opportunity of doing very fun things, meeting people outside ‘the bubble’ […]

Closing Thoughts on Summer Term Exams

Exams are finally over. I repeat exams are finally OVER. After braving 5 exams, I can finally say I survived exams and can now fully focus on my dissertation. Before I do that, here are some closing thoughts on summer term exams:

1. It’s never too early to revise. I have to admit, I didn’t start revising for some of […]

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Keep Calm and Revise On: A Guide to Surviving Exams

The moment we have all been waiting for…EXAM TIME! Almost every seat in the library is taken, the queue for the nearby coffee shops are longer than I have ever seen them, and the weekends no longer feel like weekends. What an exciting time to be an LSE Student! (Not really.) Jokes aside, exam time can be considered a […]

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