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Why football and academia go so well together

We all have different ways of recovering from stress, something that is quite necessary during a postgraduate year at LSE. During exam-time in May there is even a dedicated ‘de-stress-week’ where you can do yoga, meditation or even meet up with a bunch of puppies for about half an hour to release some of those reactions going on in […]

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Student Perspectives on the Women’s March: Ann

I haven’t exactly felt like myself since November 8th. Something feels different. Something feels wrong, uncertain, questionable. I feel like I’ve been cheated out of something pivotal, historic, and revolutionary.

But for the first time in weeks, months even, I feel like there is hope, that we have a path towards a new direction, one filled with unity, respect, and […]

Student Perspectives on the Women’s March: Emma

The future is female.

The past is female.

Female is fluid.

Female is flawed.

God, I love puns.

These were some of the thoughts that struck me while attending the Women’sMarch in London this past Saturday. Back home in South Africa, I have been involved in a few marches and protests, but nothing to this scale – The news reported over 100,000 people attended […]

Being Interdisciplinary with Tinned Tomatoes

A reflection on trying to branch out from your field using the metaphor of 3 student-friendly recipes with a tin of tomatoes. The tinned tomatoes are a metaphor. For being versatile. Like being interdisciplinary. Get it? Got it. Good.
Moving on.

Let’s talk about being interdisciplinary (or trying to), that is, relating to more than one field/branch/discipline of knowledge. Here are […]

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The people you’ll meet at LSE

When everyone asked what I was most excited for about studying abroad, I always talked about how I couldn’t wait to travel the rest of Europe, see the sights, and make it to places I had only dreamt of. And it’s come true; I’ve only made it to Amsterdam, Edinburgh, and Venice so far, but each of those trips […]

What I realized I love about LSE and life in London so far

I approached the end of term with decidedly low spirits, I was thinking about the time gone by since September and I couldn’t determine if I had utilized the term well or grown as much in my skills as I wanted to. If you felt the same way then I urge you read on and take time this holiday […]

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Studying Law Here and Now

I still remember the start of my personal statement; it amounted roughly to the idea that ‘law is everywhere’ – a cringe-worthy banality that makes me wonder how I even got accepted to study here in the first place. In hindsight, said assertion was both clicheic and prophetic. Law is indeed everywhere, and this cannot be any clearer than […]

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Long Road to PhD applications

A post by alumni blogger Marina.

So you like research? Do you feel like you would prefer to continue doing research? Would you like to do a PhD after your MSc? I have laid out a mini-guide about how to successfully apply for a PhD.

Disclaimer: this is advice is for people who are considering a european PhD programme only.

What you’ll […]

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The Balancing Act that is University

With one week left of Michaelmas term, I cannot help but feel like time flew by, leaving me slightly confused and out of breath. While I will admit that being two weeks behind on my reading is not something I would count as an achievement, the very fact that I survived the toughest balancing act ever gives me a […]

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The curse of the over-hectic schedule

Let’s debunk the idea that an over-hectic, overwhelming schedule is worthy; undergraduate or postgraduate, we’re more productive and successful when we’re relaxed and happy.
I’m writing this in the Garrick, sitting in the window, looking out onto Natwest and Wright’s Bar; English Breakfast tea and a far-too-modest slice of carrot cake next to my laptop. It’s heavy on the cinnamon […]

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