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Say Yes to the De-Stress

I have been mulling over this present post for a while now, but had relegated it to the back of my mind wardrobe as more pressing academic conundrums took the forefront. I finally took a breather this morning, and decided to go back to any incomplete blog posts to finish up and publish. What I found was an empty Google […]

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Highlights of Welcome Week at Bankside House

Having (somewhat!) integrated into LSE life and settled into London, I felt it would be good to reflect on my experience so far; specifically, the highlights of Fresher’s week at Bankside House. For future LSE students, I hope I am able to accurately represent just how action-packed ‘week 0’ of the Michaelmas Term is.


Sunday 18th September – Day 1:


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From the urban Arctic to LSE

Whilst typing, I am 10,000 feet up in the air. Looking down, I see a landscape of mountains covered in snow and the sun dipping on the curve of the earth, bathing in a ridiculously beautiful shade of pink. What I see is Northern Norway, the most developed region in the Arctic, my home. From up here, the Arctic […]

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    If I could tell you one thing…lessons in how to create and how to succeed

If I could tell you one thing…lessons in how to create and how to succeed

A guest post by Anjida Sripongworakul, MSc Management Science (Decision Sciences) student

Innocent Foundation’s Richard Reed shares nine lessons on life.

Imagine that a stranger steps up to you and asks, “In all that you have learned, if you could tell me the one most important thing, what is it?”

And so went the story Richard Reed retold at his LSE evening lecture, […]

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    The importance of stopping, taking stock, then moving forward

The importance of stopping, taking stock, then moving forward

A post by LSE alum Ria

I am thinking back to the person I was when at LSE… Always on the move, work and then some more, getting to know exciting people, and never getting enough of my School and all that it has to offer. It was a jolt of energy to my system – kind of like a […]

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President Trump: It can be okay.

[Disclaimer: Hillary is not perfect, and I don’t suggest she is, but we cannot ignore the danger of what Trump’s win means for minorities, immigrants, women, LGBTI people and many others who have felt the brunt of his and his supporters’ rhethoric, as well as the rhetoric of those who follow and promote the same principles and values globally.]
Herewith […]

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Writing Essays: Brain Block

It’s the end of reading week, I had three essays to write and I’m sitting here (evidently not writing an essay) with a few paragraphs of two essays written. Torn between procrastinating for the sake of it and genuinely disinterested, I realised the nerdy but brilliant reason I have been struggling; I am uninspired.

For any undergrads reading this, I […]

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Imposter Syndrome

We have finally made it to reading week! Looking back at the past month, it has surely been a month full of ups and downs. I remember wandering around the campus during orientation week, figuring out the buildings where I will have classes. Now, I am slowly learning the shortcuts to school as well as exploring secret (or not […]

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First Impressions

It’s about to be a month since I arrived in London from Nairobi, Kenya and honestly, it still feels like I stepped foot at Heathrow airport only yesterday! I was buzzing with excitement as I sat in the taxi on the way to my new home, and the first thing that struck me about London was its vibrant scenery […]

Emails and Excitement: LSE admissions in a nutshell

‘To understand the causes of things’ is LSE’s motto, yet I don’t understand why I am writing this blog post at midnight. Perhaps some things are better left unanswered. Funnily enough, it was this motto that was one of the first things that contributed towards my decision to apply last September. I’m a naturally inquisitive person and the motto sat well […]

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