General Course bloggers:


picture of Adelina Sunpicture of Andy Linpicture of Ryo

Adelina                                        Andy                                         Ryo
New York, USA                           Seattle, USA                            Tokyo, Japan

picture of Unnati Amin








New Jersey, USA



Roy    Lilybelle      Cindy
Roy                                        Lilybelle                                Cindy
California, USA                      New Jersey, USA                      Rhode Island, USA

Allie     Aaron      Rose
Allie                                           Aaron
Washington, USA                       Maryland, USA                  Massachusetts, USA

Tiancheng       Amy       Aurley
Tiancheng                              Amy                                   Aurley                                          
Shanghai, China                      Texas, USA                         Pennsylvania, USA


Alice Moscicki       sean givnish photo.jpeg

Alice                                             Sean
New York, USA                             Philadelphia, USA


Sagi-204x300        Rian
Sagarika                               Rian
California, USA                      Chicago, USA
Economics                              International Relations

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