Feb 19 2016

Free film screening: The True Cost of Fashion

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On Wednesday 24th February, the IMT Green Impact Team and LSESU Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics Society will be hosting a free screening of Andrew Morgan’s documentary The True Cost.

The True Cost pulls back the curtain on the untold story of the clothing trend known as ‘fast fashion’ and reveals what effects the clothes we wear has on those who make them and on our world.

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Second only to oil, fashion is the most polluting industry in the world. Consumerism has led to the purchase of 500% more clothing than just two decades ago. As clothing prices continue to decrease, environmental and human costs grow, revealing that The True Cost of such bargains is very high indeed.

In order to do our part in helping to combat this, the IMT Green Impact Team recently organised a ReLove Fashion Swap Shop as a way to promote the idea of sustainable fashion choices and the reduce clothing waste. The event was a success with many garments finding new homes and lifecycles as opposed to being disposed of.
A team from TRAID was also present on the day to offering workshops on how to make your very own tote bag from old t-shirts- a great way to show how creative up cycling can be.

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Such actions are steps in the right direction in making ethical and sustainable fashion choices. The True Cost is an engaging way to keep you well informed on such a prevalent issue.  

We hope to see you at our free screening of The True Cost. The screening will be taking place at 6pm in CLM.3.04 with light refreshments (popcorn) provided. Join us as we go on a journey around the world and into the lives of the people behind fashion.
Who really pays the price for our clothing?


About the author:

Abi Fasoranti is currently a postgraduate student studying Comparative Politics at LSE.  When she isn’t studying or working (as a Student Communications Assistant & Helpdesk Analyst) she loves to travel.  

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