Oct 28 2011

GWOT weekly round-up (October 28)


Spencer Ackerman discusses allegations of direct Pakistani involvement against US troops.


Michael Totten argues that the Iraq war was a success.


The Washington Post reveals that Gaddafi may have stashed $200bn from the Libyan people abroad.

Jay Ulfelder questions why Gaddafi didn’t go into exile when he had the opportunity.

Erik Voeten argues that the ICC may have played a role in his decision to cling to power.

Dov Zakheim argues again complacency in Libya.

Marc Lynch defends the Libyan intervention.


Issandr El Amrani analyses the state of play after Tunisia’s election.

Barry Rubin believes that Nahda’s victory shows that Islamists will be main victors from the revolution this year.

Juan Cole counters by arguing that Nahda’s victory demonstrates the region’s political pluralism.

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Adam Brown is editorial manager for the War on Terror blog series at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He holds a BA in International Relations and a MSc in Human Rights with a focus on cyber security and rights.
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